Battlefield 3 Alpha Footage with AKS74 and PSO Scope

New Battlefield 3 Alpha gameplay footage showcasing the AKS74 with PSO Scope.

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jdklaffke2490d ago

looks kind of fun, I guess - in your face kind of fighting is more exhilarating (of course). Hopefully there is a decent amount of close quarter combat in multiplayer.

just_looken2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

agree i dont see a omfg this is awesome moment been playing fps's sense the 90's and bf3 is the same as the rest point spray repeat till you win. But the hype will get them the cash. Oh and i dig the medkit coming out of thin air trick nice addition medkits/rpgs yep looks like fun....

Anti-Fanboyer2490d ago

Lots of different optics in this game.

EmperorDalek2490d ago

This part of the map will be a snipe-fest.

Bolts2490d ago

That is a huge scope.

crematory2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

i hope the game isnt boring like that video
bfbc2 was ace though

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