What Level of Frostbite 2.0 Will Consoles Actually Offer?

Bryce Wilson Writes: Frostbite 2.0 is, let’s face it, a major selling point when it comes to EA and DICE’s upcoming first-person shooter Battlefield 3.

The promises of unrivaled destruction and the ability to witness buildings crumble before your eyes in a realistic manner is something that every gamer is no doubt interested in.

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vyke32495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

i think that the frostbite 2.0 engine would run smoothly on every platform. it will all revealed in september, my friends.

Criminal2495d ago

Why September? Will the Beta start then?

Ser2495d ago

The open beta starts in September.

People who bought the limited edition of Medal of Honor are getting in early.

showtimefolks2495d ago

is when i play games i could care less if my ps3/xbox360 version looks any different from each other or i know my games will not be equal to pc ports just because pc is more powerful

we all know BF3 will look amazing on pc

and BF3 will look great on consoles who cares about anything else as long as it plays smooth

the thing that kind of pisses me off is pc has more players per match than consoles and there is no excuse for it

because this is what DICE guys said:

pc gamers wanted it more so we gave them more players I MEAN REALLY?

you are charging us full 60 and most likely this game will sell more on consoles yet you say something like that

and yes BF3 will sell more on 2 consoles than one pc so not saying it will sell bad its just 2-1 and i expect 2 to do better

Bladesfist2495d ago

BC2 has a bigger community on PC than it does on any one console. For example we unlocked the 10k team actions or whatever map a day or 2 before consoles.

JRivera922495d ago

FB 2.0 should be fine. I'll buy the game no matter what. Definitely the CoD Killer (:

Hicken2495d ago

I don't expect it to be as in-depth as on PC, but I'm certain my PS3 will do a more than adequate job of pulling it off.

Angrymorgan2495d ago

Lol you know all the people disagreeing are pc nerds wanting consoles to crash and burn lolol

Hicken2495d ago

They can want all they want. If console versions outsell the PC version, what are they gonna do then?

Urrakia342495d ago

It will offer console level. Nothing wrong with that. :)

Laypoof2495d ago

Downgraded or not for the consoles, the game still shits on call of doody

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The story is too old to be commented.