Gaming Irresponsibly Reviews the Xperia Play

When the term “Gaming Phone” is thrown around, one of the first things gamers think of is the Nokia N-Gage. This name also inspires laughter and ridicule as the N-Gage ultimately didn’t deliver on the levels that it had promised. Gamers of all levels may have been given a second shot at truly combining their joy of gaming with a mobile phone. Sony Ericsson and Verizon have brought the populous the Xperia Play, the very first Playstation certified smartphone.

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blitz0x2494d ago

Im glad to see a decent score from this - I was curious about it and have been in the phone market for a while now.

agentxk2494d ago

I was glad to see that someone finally got this right

Chrono2494d ago

Excellent phone. I have one.

Kurisu2494d ago

It is a good phone :) All it needs now is integration with the PlayStation Store, so that you can have a wider access to PSOne titles. I only have a couple PS1 titles downloaded on my PS3 but there should be a way that you can transfer them on to the Play, so that you don't have to buy them again.

Chrono2494d ago

You can still play the whole PS1 library but it's illegal.

Neko_Mega2494d ago

Got the Droid X and with the new update that changes it alot.... It is much slower than before, I been wanting the Xperia Play mostly because I do like playing games on my phone but I have better luck with Sony devices.