Can Halo 4 Succeed without Bungie?

After e3, it was clear to all that the Halo franchise will continue in a big way. The question now is, can Halo survive without Bungie at its helm? Nerds on the Rocks ponders that question.

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NewZealander2546d ago

i think it will be better, lets face facts, halo was becoming stagnant, yes its a great franchise, but what it really needs is fresh ideas and a new engine.

kamakaz3md2546d ago

i highly doubt it, due to the fact even the trailer looked like total garbage. It was so plain and boring. Only thing im wondering is are they gonna keep the halo reach look and feel to it?

dragunrising2546d ago

I agree. Also, lets not forget that Bungie wanted to work on new IP yet were contractually obligated to work on Halo. 343 Studios was created for one purpose only: to make Halo games. Among their staff they have ex-Bungie employees that still want to work on Halo. If you have any doubts about them "screwing up Halo" look no further than Halo CE Anniversary. The game is pure fan service. Halo 4 is in capable hands.

Xeoset2546d ago

I'm more inclined to agree with you.

Don't forget that a large portion of 343 Industries are ex-Bungie employees, like Frankie O'Connor. I think the question should be less "Can Halo succeed without Bungie" but more "Can Bungie succeed with new management".

firemassacre2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

can grand theft auto succeed without rockstar?

no kamikaz3md...your another world.

kamakaz3md2546d ago

dont ever bring up halo and gta... ever. Gta is not a game, its another world.

kamakaz3md2546d ago

of course it will, because morons pay for the name on the box.

ThePhuq2546d ago

People who hate Halo should really sit back and just watch this game. If you've never enjoyed Halo up until now, Halo 4 will be the title to get you hooked. Hopefully 343 can deliver a fresh Halo experience, and change the pace of the series.

Won't be the same Halo we know and love, but I'm ready for some change.

killerhog2546d ago

Gamers never proved to desire change. Im just going to wait and see, how the company switch impacts the halo franchise, and it's fanbase.

KMCROC2546d ago

I feel that this changing of hands would be no different than when Vince Zampella & Jason West left infinity ward. beside we won't know what 343i is capable of till 2012.

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The story is too old to be commented.