Fraggs - Review: From Dust (XBLA)

Imagine a tsunami forming on the horizon. Giant waves race toward the island like a bloodthirsty horde with no mercy in their eyes. They crash upon rocky cliffs, swirling around an obstacle in the path of least resistance, proceeding ever onward. As the energy within the wave dissipates, the water reaches a distant shore, gently caressing the sand and ever so slightly eroding it away.

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dragunrising2549d ago

I'm on the fence about this one. I guess I'll have to play the demo. Xbox Live Summer of Arcade started off in a good way with Bastion, I hope the rest live up to expectation. Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet looks amazing.

Ramas2549d ago

will it come for xbox first? i cant find ps3 release date

M_Prime2549d ago

i think it will be exclusive to the xbox.. at least for a long while. Last year for Summer of Arcade we had LIMBO and i hear that the PS3 is just getting it.

Ramas2548d ago

But i downloaded game trailer from PSN , sony does not advertise xbox exclusives as i am sure xbox does not advertise uncharted or others psn exclusives

M_Prime2545d ago

did not know that.. but it may and probably is a timed exclusive

grailly2549d ago

I'll wait for other reviews, I was hoping this game would be good.

VWhiskey2549d ago

there was a 9AM PDT Embargo on all reviews for "From Dust"
just saying.