SFX-360: Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3 (Xbox 360) Review

Andrew at SFX-360 says:

"When you think Dynasty Warrior you happen to think families of Japan battling it out until there is only one standing. Sometimes it’s when all families come together to stop a massive war against one family you’ll have the game beat but with Dynasty Warriors Gundam its 100% different. Trust me if you’re not sure what Gundam is please go out and find the entire Gundam series, which is a huge anime so you can learn more the . Tecmo Koei has developed Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3, which is an action game filled with hack N’ slash game play with strategic area’s as well.

If you’ve already played the normal games the first thing you will happen to notice is the same goal of clearing everyone out, beat the mean boss of the area and you’re finished with that level. You’ll have that quite often throughout every mission located in the game. I admit I’ve grow tired of it but what else can you really do with a game like Dynasty Warriors? Only time can tell if Tecmo Koei can introduce some new features that will keep a game from being repetitive."

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H2OAcidic2578d ago

Much better! I'm working on unlocking the Knight so I can kick some major ... but that will take a while to unlock.

agentxk2578d ago

I was a bit partial to Duo and Deathscythe. Did you ever notice what happens when you hit X when the ball bounces while loading?