Why are games only blamed for violence?

MMGN: Violent video games make us go on murderous rampages. That’s a fact according to a bunch of old guys with impressive beards and cousins for wives, and conservative groups in a desperate lunge for power like the Australian Christian Lobby. The link between games and violence will not be broken, or actually proved, any time soon. However, why isn’t it attributed to anything else?

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jc485732373d ago

I think they need to get rid of FPS genre. *just kidding*

Andronix2372d ago

Q) Why are games only blamed for violence?
A) They are not, they are also blamed for many other bad things including lethargy, lack of concentration in children, bad attitude etc.

I think what wanted to ask was...

Q)Why are only games blamed for violence?

GrieverSoul2372d ago (Edited 2372d ago )

Between my 5 and 15 years old, I saw Predator, Rambo, Alien and Terminator. Very graphical and violent movies. Never became a serial Killer or anything like it. I played games like Doom, Quake and Unreal.

You cant blame outside factores. These kind of people would of kill sooner or later either they live nowadays or if they lived 500 years ago.

I wonder, what triggered Gengis Khan, Hitler, or any other type of mass murderer in the past. Its in peoples blood and mind. Crimes happens because people are willing to make them. Not because they were "subliminaly" implied to do it.

Boody-Bandit2372d ago (Edited 2372d ago )

Did you guys know Vlad the Impaler was a video game junkie? /s

People need an excuse / thing to cast blame on. That is all this finger pointing is and nothing more. That an a good political tool to gather votes and or support.

Human beings are animals and animals are prone to violence by nature.

manman62373d ago

It is simple. People need something to blame for problems that are going on in the world, instead of finding a solution.

QuodEratDemonstrandm2373d ago

Can someone tell me why we can't blame they guy who actually did the SHOOTING? I know it's a novel concept: a paradigm shift in accountability. I think when a kid pulls a 5-7 and shoots a half dozen of his classmates let's blame the guy with the gun.

I know it's revolutionary: personal accountability. But I think we should give it a try.

caseh2372d ago

It's easy to see why games are blamed. I've never fired a real firearm yet I know the calibur, effective range, weight, rounds per magazine and rate of fire of an M4A1 rifle.

I could get this info from the internet I guess, the difference is I got all this from playing a game.

It should of course come down to the person who done the shooting but it will also be related to what influenced that person.

I'm fairly certain there was a big reference to Doom 2 for the Columbine shooting, but then it doesn't help when one of the shooters is clearly heard on camera saying 'This shotgun looks like something out of Doom 2' :)

jacksheen00002373d ago

Cause they're a bunch of morons.

The Meerkat2373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

I blame religious people....and Red Bull.

and possibly even a lack of cannabis.
More Cannabis = Less Violence

perdie2373d ago

this post does not make any sense at all. you blame religious people? and lack of weed.

Maybe if you knew anything about religions you would know MOST, and I say most cuz there are some crazy ones, promote peace and love. go do some research instead of blaming all your problems on another select group of people that is happening with gamers. BLAME THE PERSON THAT DID IT!

caseh2372d ago

'Maybe if you knew anything about religions you would know MOST, and I say most cuz there are some crazy ones, promote peace and love.'

True, but if you look back through history you'll find its also the cause for a lot of war. The crusades are a great example.

Jdoki2372d ago

"Maybe if you knew anything about religions you would know MOST, and I say most cuz there are some crazy ones, promote peace and love"

As long as you accept THAT religions definition of peace and love and no other!

KMCROC2372d ago

Don't forget the one that teaches you to lie & do all sorts of things , but then forgives for all of it .

tiffac2372d ago

Religion is not the only medium that evil men has used through out the years to kill innocent people. Even people without faith has waged war for their own gain.

North Korea (Communist) invading South Korea (Democratic) - led to the Korean War.
Soviet Union (Atheist country) invading Afghanistan (Muslim country).
The Diamond conflict in Africa (done by Greed not religion).

Its all about the person/people doing the crimes and not the medium or weapon they use that are at fault.

NanoSoldier2372d ago (Edited 2372d ago )

@ The Meerkat:

Judging by your comment I guess you have enough cannabis to burn.

Kran2373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

I dont think any of those people who blame video games for violence have ever played Mario and Dance Central ;P

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