Hyper Japan: Hands-On With Super Mario 3D

There were a number of Nintendo games available to demo at Hyper Japan, however one which I went back to time and time again was Super Mario 3D. On show were 4 levels, admittedly short, giving event goers a good chance to sample what Mario’s next adventure will include.

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vglulz2429d ago

I'm excited to see what other old and new power-ups will be making an appearance. Let's just hope Nintendo stays away from Spring Mario. He was a bitch to control.

billyboi1222429d ago

Frog Mario needs to make a comeback.

billyboi1222429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

It seems like people start off a bit sceptical about this game until they get to play one of the more complex levels. I hope it's challenging enough overall.

Canary2429d ago

Eh... it's a Mario game. How skeptical can you be?

There will be mostly solid platforming with well-designed levels, fantastic presentation and music, but no story to speak of.

The only real thing this game has going for it is the merging of 3D and 2D platforming.

That, and that it's one of the few original 3DS games coming soon.