Konami confirms Castlevania 25th anniversary project

Rely on Horror: “ Since the end of E3 and the absence of Castlevania 25th anniversary announcements, fans have been left wondering about this total lack of acknowledgement. Has Konami completely disregarded the milsetone of one of the most respected franchises in the world of interactive entertainment? I’m glad to be able to tell you today that Konami is in fact working on something for the series’ 25th."

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xtheownerzx2429d ago

i love me some Castlevania, very excited for this.

BubbleSniper2429d ago

I wish they would put IGA up in there and then do a proper sequel to SOTN

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jacksheen00002429d ago

what ever Konami does...I hope its not like Castlevania Lord of Shadows...which in my opinion SUCKS!!!!! can't stand the stages with cut scene. Please Konami make Castlevania just like the classic but with updated graphics/awesome play mechanic/3d environment with great lighting and dark shadows.

Ahasverus2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

Your opinion is the only thing that sucks about LoS

Heheh joke, nah man it wasn't bad, play it and later talk about it :)

jacksheen00002429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

LOS was alright but I did not like the stages being divided in to cut scene; that what killed it for me. I guess I m old school and like the feel of the classics. Now the get me wrong the graphics with some of the best i've seen coming from Konami. The play mechanics I though needed some work but that's just my opinion.

Ahasverus2429d ago

@Jacksheen0000: it's different when someone plays it and don't like it, I respect your opinion! Forgive me, I thought you were the typical IagaFanboy who didn't play the game and bashes it, I'm sorry, peace bro!

Ser2429d ago

Well, I loved LoS, and the sequel is already in production if I remember correctly.

I wouldn't be opposed to a classic Castlevania, though. (Super Castlevania 4 / SotN style gameplay with LoS graphics.)

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Cpt_kitten2429d ago

castlevania??? want want want want

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The story is too old to be commented.