The Five Worst Retro Game Endings Of All Time at Gamefanmag

Michael Crisman writes, "Let’s get one thing straight: if you’re going to require me to spend hours of my life plugging away at your game until I finish it, the ending had better be worth my time. Gamers as a whole are capable of forgiving a great many transgressions against them (how else do you explain multiple sequels to Fable?), but a terrible ending just leaves a bad taste in everybody’s mouth. I’m a terrible cook–I can ruin Pop Tarts in sixty seconds flat but the taste will be gone after I brush my teeth. Lame endings on the other hand stick in your craw and never let go no matter how much mouthwash you gargle. With that in mind, let’s take a quick run-down of five games that re-define the epitome of an awful ending in exchange for chunks of your life. And just to mix it up and avoid charges of system bashing, each game is for a different console."

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