Zelda: Skyward Sword - SDCC 11: Ghirahim Boss Battle Gameplay (Cam)

Lord Ghirahim introduces himself and his combat prowess in this clip from San Diego's Comic-Con 2011

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ZoidsRaven2519d ago

Ghirahim went upside Link's head @ 03:25. XD

Pikajew2519d ago

not watching any trailer

dont want any spoilers

Pozzle2519d ago

I'm definitely getting Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask vibes from these videos. Which is a good thing. Twilight Princess seemed to be lacking that LoZ 'vibe'...even though it was a good game in its own right.

Cpt_kitten2519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

eh disappointing, zelda games will never be the same....and no im not talking about like OOT im talking before that

edit please elaborate disagrees...butthurt the classic ones are still the best?

krazykombatant2519d ago

Ummm you talking about titles such as Adventures of Link? that far back?

Seriously, OOT was great in its own right, but play it again and i'm sure you'll complain about how the camera sucks and how somethings in the game were atrocious (having to be lined up to the other ledge to jump). Obviously we over look those parts for the greater picture, such as ME having great storyline and gameplay(imo), but of course some people had to bitch..

Anyways, I thought that windwaker was great, except for the long boat rides. And Twilight princess is by far an amazing game, it went back to being a dark game. Sure this one looks a lot happier and child like. To be honest I think they've turned link into a girl. His face idk look to feminine. I digress yet again, I'll be picking this up and I'm sure you will too. Until then let's not bash one of the best franchises out there.

In which i'm sure that if Ninty were to go under (which will never happen but there are people out there that think so). Zelda could easily become something horrible like sonic did. Anyways thats my two cents.

Cpt_kitten2519d ago

yeah OOt was great but not amazingly great that it needs to be re-released on every generation of systems, and yeah a lot of 95 was spent playing that game till my parents had to take the controller away but nothing will ever beat the old games

but its time to step it up a knotch and go darker than then the others its time to stop rehashing the same thing over and over again, i would like for them to leave a cliff hanger where link is in a pinch or someone dies but its made for childeren which is where it cuts pulled back but to have link doing the same thing and fighting bosses with that are basically the same from the previous games and navigating nearly the same dungeons over and over since OOT is just ridiculous i liked the wind waker but i really got sick of the same old song and dance half way through TP

krazykombatant2519d ago

I'll agree with you on your second post, but as far as I've heard Nintendo tend to change how the game works this time around, won't necessarily fight a boss or get an item in a dungeon. Which is pretty good I think, they definitely need to get out of the comfort zone. Obviously, the old games are what set the standard for us and what made us immerse within our own little world.

I see Nintendo, as the weed of gaming. (Personally I don't partake on drugs, but anyways). Nintendo for me opened gaming, I do understand how they need keep their child like audience going, but it would be really nice to see games like zelda become really dark or something where Link or someone is really in peril of death or idk something new and fresh. Almost like metroid prime trilogy. Which was very dark. Anyways we'll just have to wait and see how SS turns out.

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The story is too old to be commented.