Gears of War 3 - Five Against All - Horde 2.0 SDCC Trailer

Horde 2.0 trailer featuring Ice-T remake of "Body Count" music especially for the game Gears of War 3 coming out September 20

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Jay5202580d ago

Not GOTY IMO, that goes to Dark Souls.

But this is definitely my most wanted split screen game.

Jay5202580d ago


Dark Souls vs Skyrim. Hmmm

My vote goes to Dark Souls!

EVILDEAD3602580d ago (Edited 2580d ago )

Gear of War 3 for the f-ing win..

Lol @ trying to bring up Skyrim and Dark Souls after watching that video..

Look we get how amazing and Epic Skyrim and Dark Souls will be..

But comparing those experiences to Gears is like comparing reading an amazing novel while it rains outside to riding the tallest and fastest rollercoaster on earth...both great..but two different kinds of thrills

Gears won't get GOTY nods like the Uncharted and Skyrim will but it [email protected] sure looks like it deserves to get mentioned in the conversation


JokesOnYou2580d ago (Edited 2580d ago )

....and the crowd goes wild!

Active Reload2580d ago

It's been a long time coming...

Jay5202580d ago

My most anticipated split screen game of the year!

NoobJobz2580d ago

Wow. I didnt even care for the first Horde, but this one looks freaking insane. Looks like it is much improved. Cant wait to play it.

YodaCracker2580d ago

This is the perfect game. A gamer's dream come true. I cannot WAIT to play it!

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The story is too old to be commented.