Dante's Inferno Ad Campaign A Model For New IPs?

Velocity Gamer writes: Visceral Games isn't just a one trick pony with Dead Space you know. Dante's Inferno was a quality action release in the tradition of God of War that probably at least hit your radar during the build-up to release. This is because of the now award-winning ad campaign the likes of which hasn't been seen for a new IP before.

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Quagmire2494d ago

I hope Visceral makes a Dante's Inferno 2...or Dante's Purgatory

Kur02494d ago

No thanks, it was just a cheap GOW knock-off.

Nitrowolf22494d ago

It was pretty much a re-skin GOW game, but developed by another team. TBH though i liked it although the similarities are really obvious i think i would play a sequel.

Ducky2494d ago

I always thought it was a DevilMayCry knockoff... with Darksiders being the GOW knockoff.

Baka-akaB2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

Only if you didnt play darksiders .

Darksiders is a zelda kind of game , with a little of vania even on the side .

Dante is a gow cheap knock off down to even the chests and the way you open them and ot very little in common with DMC .

Nitrowolf22494d ago


IDK people say GOW is a copy of DMC, but i just never saw it. Dante is one i mean from QTE all the way to chests and attack combinations.


That's what i loved about DarkSider. It was a Legend of Zelda with God of War mix added.

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user83971442494d ago

It really was a GOW knock-off down to the freaking boss fights

Dwalls11712494d ago

Dantes inferno would have neen amazing if it were developed by sony santamonica....the idea and atmosphere were great but viseral isnt the right developer for a straight up action game

2494d ago
user83971442494d ago

I would love Sony Santa Monica to make all the hack and slash games.


Not sure what the point of this article was but it did remind me how awesome this commercial was. The best part imo was the very beginning where he screams her name and instantly jumps after her. Sick.

nCiTy2494d ago

Yea that was an awesome trailer, the music fit perfectly.

WorldEndsWithMe2493d ago

My point was just to bring to attention the lack of decent ad campaigns for new IPs, which probably doesn't help the fact that making games without a number after them scares the crap out of some developers. The games that get the best sales usually have big ad campaigns and they manage to get huge sales despite not being even close to the top quality games offered today.

dexterino2494d ago

Seriously does anyone really care about this franchise..?! It was just a cheap GOW knock-off and to make matters worse the storyline sucked as well, Vicseral have the pedigree to make good games which they proved with the Dead space 1&2, so rather than wasting time and money on Dante's Inferno they should look to invest those resources into a new IP or maybe Dead space 3...

ThePhuq2493d ago

Dante's Inferno was pretty good. Yah, It drew alot of similarities to God Of War, but action games are so few and far between these days, I'll take what I can get. I honestly believe developers should start creating more action titles.

If it wasn't released so close to God of War, It wouldn't have been such a bad thing. The game had alot going for it as far as story and setting goes. It's unfortunate it didn't live up to it's potential. But isn't that what sequels are for? Look at what Visceral did with Dead Space. Dead Space 2 improved upon every aspect of the first, and was a much better experience. Whose to say Visceral couldn't do the same with Dante's Inferno?

They just need to tweak it a little bit.

RoyaleWC2493d ago

I agree, I enjoyed it. So what if it's like God of War, and the final boss is hilarious!