Edge: Call of Juarez: The Cartel Review

Edge writes "The Call Of Juarez series has always been inclined 
to the dramatic, casting players as tortured souls with unwelcome destinies: brothers torn apart by petty jealousies against the backdrop of the American Civil War, or a preacher hunting down a wrongly accused American Indian. Call Of Juarez: The Cartel is about three law-enforcement officials putting aside 
the inter-departmental bullshit to get the job done."

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SpinalRemains1382581d ago

This game is about as cookie cutter generic as it can get. 4/10 is basically a perfect score for an awful game. Yeah, I'm the loser that bought it.

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sickbird2581d ago

i dont see how the thought of purchasing this game would even enter someones mind.

kamakaz3md2581d ago

i doubt its a 4/10... it may be a rental, but im sure its better then a 4/10. Now the last 1 was pretty crappy, but the very first 1 was fun

AfricanWoolf2580d ago

Considering how much I enjoyed Bound in Blood and how much I miss the old West vibe, I was heart broken when I saw them take The Cartel to modern times which is like dressing Megan Fox up like a man.

Every bad score is like a gentle kiss of righteousness to my soul.