Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 - The Masters Review | The Controller Online

The Controller online writes "Over the years I’ve enjoyed watching the Tiger Woods series come together, but it has always been missing one crucial aspect, YOU CAN’T PLAY IN THE MASTERS??!?!? What? That would be like playing ANY other sports game and not being able to win the Stanley Cup (NHL), World Series (MLB) Superbowl (NFL)…etc. The Masters is the biggest event in Golf and to not have that, is almost a waste of time playing the career. With that being said, I very seldom finished a career because I know I won’t be able to play in the masters. Being such a HUGE golf fan, with the new edition of the Tiger woods series “The Masters” it brings a whole new level of commitment, I WANT THAT DAMN GREEN JACKET!!"

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Yi-Long2582d ago

I'll consider buying it once all the DLC is also included, instead of having to buy it seperately.