When video game art goes too far

The realm of video game fanart is host to many strange odditites. Not all works are simple recreations of the source material, instead fan artists can tend to become more liberal in their interpretations of their favorite gaming heroes by creating bizarre renditions featuring crossovers, mash-ups, and even gender bending sex changes. This web comic covers the trend of odd works of fanart with a look at a Sonic the Hedgehog piece if someone were to involve an actual live live hedgehog.

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Brian52472494d ago

This is not funny in the least. I actually feel dumber for having read it.

TheGreatGazoo2494d ago

Those sneakers couldn't possibly fit!

ThorneTK2494d ago

The tiny red shoes are the best part

PsycheMax2493d ago

Compared to those kind of fake comics, not funny at all, I do prefer wayyyyy too much my kind, cute NerfNow :D

Those are, in my opinion, the best VideoGame based comics all over the web!

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