Kid shoots parents over video games -- Now with more irony

A kid shoots his parents because they took away his video games. Yeah, yeah... heard that all before. The real kicker is how the kid's dad, who survived the shot to the head, reacted to the situation.

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jc485732549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )

what?? You really lost me there. Are you alluding that the kid was simply protecting himself from his angry father?

LOGICWINS2549d ago

Did you even read the article? Experts on teen killers blamed GAMES for this tragic situation, but ignored the fact that the kid may have gotten his anger from his angry dad.

Cookigaki2549d ago

His dad seems like such a nice guy though /sarcasm

frostyhat1232549d ago

THE KID KILLED HIS WIFE!! He has the right to be as angry as he was!

Twizlex2549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )

Considering 97% of Americans play video games, it'd be hard to find a teen killer that didn't conveniently fall into this category.

DrRichtofen2549d ago

Kid ain't gonna be getting anymore video games now...

Focker4202549d ago

Lets hope not at least.

Focker4202549d ago

I have no sympathy for the kid. What he did was unbelievable and intolerable. Shooting someone in the head because they took away a video game?! He has no concept of the value of life and took away the life of his mother.

At 16 he is very aware of what he did and he should be tried as an adult for the murder of his mother and attempted murder of his father. Its not like he is some innocent child that didn't know any better.

If I were the father I would be furious as well, the little a-hole just murdered his wife.

To blame video games would be ludicrous, even though it was the main reason the kid flipped. Ultimately it was poor parenting that lead to his obsession of video games and lack of value for another's life. But that doesn't mean they deserved to be shot.

The kid is a psycho and needs to pay for what he did. Its terrible what he did to his parents, and I have no sympathy for him, no matter the punishment.

Twizlex2549d ago

I agree wholeheartedly with everything you just said.

Motorola2549d ago

He hid his the same place as the video game? Not smart...that obviously gave his son an idea.. Not saying he is innocent at all but that was a dumb move on the parent's part.

Lord_Sloth2549d ago

Hey, I have a crazy idea, why don't we hold the criminal accountable for his actions?

Twizlex2548d ago

He got 23 years to life, so it's not like he just got away with it. The dad just doesn't want to believe his child decided to do something like this on his own because that means he failed as a father.