Call of Duty XP: Other Series That Are More Deserving Of A Convention (GoozerNation)

Mike Deneen from GoozerNation writes:

"Most people know the big Call of Duty XP event is coming to Los Angeles this September. The big event will feature panels, tournaments, a big Modern Warfare 3 mutliplayer ordeal, and of course, all things Call of Duty related. The jury is still out as to whether or not a single IP really warrants its own convention. Personally, I find the whole idea quirky, and absolutely arrogant on Activision’s behalf. Though, when you consider Bobby Kotick’s stellar reputation, this shouldn’t come as any shock.

If we truly have come to a point where a single IP can have it’s own convention, then shouldn’t we look at game franchises that might be a little more worthy of having their own convention? I took the time to look at a couple games and why they should have their own circus:"

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RyanDJ2407d ago

I think they seem a bit full of themselves as well. Having a "convention" on this is akin to a Star Trek convention, except there is a LOT more lore to that, worthy of getting a full on convention rather than mixing it with a scifi con. Just seems like a publicity stunt.

DarkTower8052407d ago

They would only be full of themselves of nobody showed up, which is not the case.

Why be upset if IW is giving their fans something they want?

Rush2407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

Thought Activision fired most of infinity ward before they had to pay them there bonuses?

DarkTower8052407d ago

@ Rush, that has to do with what? IW is still developing MW3, whether the original people are there or not.

Rush2407d ago

Nothing really only that there Infinity Ward only in name, sort of like calling Rare the same Rare from the SNES days when it' hardly even in same company.

The Infinity Ward that made the Modern Warfare series is not the same Infinity Ward giving back to there fan's so rather null point.

STK0262407d ago


We know the two heads of IW left, and were followed by some key members, however, we don't know how many stayed with IW, and it's most likely not only Robert Bowling who stayed at IW.

Furthermore, CoD has become somewhat of a money making machine, with or without IW, CoD will go on, developed by new teams who will try their best to create a new game based on CoD4's gameplay elements within a two year window.

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STK0262407d ago

It's not like there's a limit to the number of conventions you can have (although I guess that having more than one a day could be a bit too much).

So what if CoD gets one, if they think it's a good idea, why not?

Oh, and as far as Madden goes, I'd say that Madden itself doesn't need a dedicated convention, just go to a football game!

StanLee2407d ago

Call of Duty as a franchise has a fanbase the number in the millions. What other game is as deserving of a convention? Articles like these are made to fuel the internet hate against the franchise.

puffkix2407d ago

If you read the article there are several game series mentioned... Whether you agree with those series or not does not discount the fact that the question was answered before you asked it.

Gaetano2407d ago

COD haters out in droves.

They wouldn't do this if the market wasn't strong enough. Everyone needs to stop bitching. if you don't like it, turn away!

Raven_Nomad2407d ago

If it weren't in California I'd definitely go. Don't kid yourself if you think nobody is going to show up though. There are tons of people that would love to go to something like this.

RyuCloudStrife2407d ago

CoD haters the worst of the worst that's for sure. Keep hating its what you are programmed to do.

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