Twisted Metal | Challenge Mode and Online Multiplayer Details

Pixel Enemy: Jay Michaels of Pixel Enemy spoke with Drew Bradford of Eat Sleep Play about their upcoming Car Combat game Twisted Metal. Drew talks about the newly announced offline challenge mode, Clan Support, and what the casual and hardcore players can expect from the latest entry in the series.

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ricky3602311d ago

Never been one for this game, so many other games to choose from so why this one?

metsgaming2311d ago

because it looks like pure crazy fun

TheLastGuardian2311d ago (Edited 2311d ago )

Because Twisted Metal is better than all those other games.

Bolts2311d ago

BF 3 vs this. Yeah why bother.


No one is going to point a gun to your forehead to make you buy a game.

No company makes a game expecting to sell it to every gamer out there, just like no one is expected to buy every game that is released. But different games are made anyway because people have different tastes, there's space for everything.

Twisted Metal is just another option in the market. If you like combat racing games, look up, maybe you like it.

If you already don't like TM or this kind of game in general, why should we convince you to buy it? And more importantly, why do you care anyway? Haven't you already made your mind? "Never been one for this game" you said.

Maybe you need to enhance your trolling, commenting on a game you don't care about just to dismiss it... That's as cheap as it gets.

SlyFoxC2311d ago

because its a twisted clown driving a metal ice cream truck...WITH ROCKETS ON IT!

subtenko2311d ago

....Im gonna stop watching these twisted metal videos. All it does it make me want the game b4 the release date...dagonit, its like torturing yourself -_- oh hey look another twisted metal video!

*goes to watch video*

dagonit, I did it again!

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raztad2311d ago

I'm debating between Twisted Metal and Resistance 3. Either one is gonna be my last full price purchase this year. TM looks crazy fun (Jaffe knows how to make a good game) but R3 seems to be hectic and with great atmosphere.

BitbyDeath2311d ago

Tough choice, personally i'd go Twisted Metal but only cause i'm getting sick of the FPS genre.

I'm sure both will be good though

redDevil872311d ago

I think twisted metal would be way more fun online

raztad2311d ago

thanks for your comments guys. Yeah I'm also siding more with TM. Not doubt it is gonna be super fun online.

StarWolf2311d ago

r3 = invisible cloaked in corners, g-nade launchers, bubble shield spamming.

twisted metal = fun, unique, action, sex, cars

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The story is too old to be commented.