Madden NFL 12 Multiplayer Gets Tweaked 'Bye-Bye To Cheaters and Rage Quitters"

SegmentNext - "EA brings new features to Madden NFL 12 to make it more balanced and competitive".

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Prototype2546d ago

Good ideas, especially to track quitters to people who have legit drop connections. I hope this is a trend with other online games so it would help in deciding who to play with and who to avoid.

I'm still not buying the game though

MAJ0R2546d ago

they should have this in Dark Souls, would prevent item duping as well

BX812546d ago

I'll rage quit in madden. I've probably only played 5 times but it's always against somebody with a redic record. I don't mind loosing but put me with somebody who is a casual gamer as well. Madden is one of those games you're either good at or not. I like this system.

Urrakia342546d ago

Aren't there different lobbies that you can go into? I'm sure there is like a "beginners" lobby or something of the sort.

BX812546d ago

Maybe there is and I haven't noticed.

Bolts2546d ago

This feature should've been in the game 3 three years ago.

AbNoRmaL__aGenT2546d ago

Im excited to see this new addition.It was nearly impossible to complete a match(as the winner) unless you either actually face someone with self respect or you beat a rage quitter last second where he doesnt have enough time to quit.

MidnytRain2546d ago

Well, that sounds good, but have they fixed the cheating AI?

BX812546d ago

That's funny, but sucks.

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