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Limbo is a puzzle-platform video game created by independent Danish game developer Playdead. Originally released in July 2010 as a platform exclusive title on Xbox Live Arcade, the Xbox 360 exclusivity period is finally over and Playdead have ported the game to the PlayStation Network (it will also be released for Microsoft Windows via Steam). At long last, PlayStation 3 gamers can get their hands on what is arguably one of the greatest downloadable indie titles ever made. Welcome to Limbo…

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Ares842491d ago

It's a good game but in no way, shape or form is it perfect. Such game haven't been invented yet and I don't think ever will be.

Canary2491d ago

It's decent, but far from great. It's too short and too simplistic.

ambientFLIER2491d ago

Who said that it was perfect?

Ult iMate2491d ago

Ten out of ten given by reviewer. I thought it means perfect game.

MartyMcFly882491d ago

The score doesn't automatically mean it is a perfect game. As the review mentions, there are small faults but they are subjective and won't bother everyone.

10 OUT OF 10 on AMO's Rating System: "This score indicates a product that is one of the finest of its type. Any small issues are made irrelevant by the overwhelming quality and excellence on display. At the time of release, this product will be setting new standards in its relevant product area/genre. A must see/buy that comes highly recommended by AMO."

user83971442491d ago

still not interested in this game

electricshadow2491d ago

So excited to get this on the PC. I played a little once and loved it.