PS3 sales: software and hardware

PSNow! reviews the sales of hardware and software between 9 and 16 July.

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lazertroy2250d ago

On to other news The NFL Lockout Is Over.

"Are You Ready For Some Football"

maniacmayhem2250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )


Time to dust off my niner gear

BeOneWithTheGun2249d ago

'Cause their last winning season has dust dating back to the Jurassic Era!


FalconR2892249d ago

That may be so, but at least they have won a super bowl. So go 9ers!

kamakaz3md2249d ago

lmao, 9ers blow... but ur comment was funny

TheFact0032250d ago Show
elondonred2250d ago

Dude i rate u for that. Totally made me laugh

JellyJelly2250d ago

It's kind of like rugby, but for pussies.

Hicken2249d ago

Yeah, cuz rugby players would really wanna mess with guys who average more than 350lbs.

shikamaroooo2249d ago

Dude in NFL they wear protective gear ............. enough said

D0ffy2249d ago

That genuinely made me laugh.

spektical2249d ago

funny thing football is a lot more physical than rugby.. i def dont get injured as much playing rugby that getting tackled full force by a safety.

Hicken2249d ago

I wonder WHY they... no, you know what? Nevermind. You get you an all-star rugby team, and I'll grab an all-star football team, and we'll see how many players from each side wind up in the hospital.

There's a reason people don't worry about broken necks and brain damage in rugby, while it's a big concern in the NFL DESPITE that protective gear you so badly wanna point out.

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zinkabassy2250d ago

@redDevil87 ,.. omg bro you made me laugh to tears !!! Thanx,.. You tell them ! :)

DrFUD2249d ago

Lockout didnt do anything except give EA an additional year of exclusivity for Madden

Neoninja2249d ago (Edited 2249d ago )

crude I originally said something valid, but it came out wrong, so I wanted to edit it. Now I can't remember what I wanted to correct! Sigh its gonna be one of those nights!

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2250d ago
units2250d ago

you people do know these are vgchartz numbers

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paintsville2249d ago

yeah when VGchartz favor ps3 it's da bomb.

Let's analyze shall we? ps3 #1 for 7 days but #3 installed base for 5 years. hmmmmmm Yep I can see why they're excited.

Jocosta2250d ago

But they under track Ps3 numbers, so its ok /s

redblack2250d ago

vgchartz is not reliable..

Anon19742250d ago

Indeed. Historically, they have been close with their Xbox 360 figures, but their PS3 numbers are always short, usually as much as by 20-30% until they make adjustments. NPD group once commented that their sample of the US market was roughly 60% while VGChartz had about a 2% sample and extrapolated from that.

If one's looking at VGChartz just to gain a ballpark figure, it is certainly interesting that they have the PS3 up almost a million consoles over the 360 this year, given that their 360 numbers have been verified as pretty close once again and their PS3 numbers are always short.

I guess we'll know soon enough how the first six months of 2011 have come out. Sony releases their official numbers this week.

DaTruth2249d ago (Edited 2249d ago )

"I guess we'll know soon enough how the first six months of 2011 have come out."

We know now! It will end up like it always does; PS3 sells more consoles than 360 worldwide!

Doesn't matter what VGChartz says; it has always been this way and there's no reason it should change now. Just like 360 will outsell PS3 in North America; I don't need NPD to know this!

YodaCracker2249d ago


What are you talking about? Sony and Microsoft released their numbers for the first quarter of 2011 and the 360 outsold the PS3 by 600,000 units. But I guess those numbers just slipped right past you, huh?

I guess you only see "DaTruth" if it's in your favor.

Jan. - Mar. 2011

360 - 2.7 million

PS3 - 2.1 million

kreate2249d ago

they track their numbers in favor of the xbox360.

YodaCracker2249d ago (Edited 2249d ago )

So they favored the Xbox 360 by UNDERtracking it by a whopping 200,000 UNITS in North America for June? 200,000 units in one month. Almost half of its total sales for the month.

kreate2249d ago

in general dude. in general.
not 100% they favor the 360.

MOTY2249d ago VgChartz "sometimes" under tracks the 360 and "sometimes" they don't. I guess it just depends on what side of the bed they wake up on then huh?

"hmm hey for sh1t's and giggles, lets under track the 360's sales for this month and then next month we will over track them. That way we can keep screwing with the Sony Fanboys heads. Sometimes they will agree with us and use our sources, and sometimes they won' will depend on if our sources agree with their argument at the time. They won't know what to believe anymore....MUUUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA& quot;


kreate2248d ago (Edited 2248d ago )

it doesnt depend on which side of the bed they wake up on.

in general, trying to keep up with such numbers and statistics are difficult.
they change their numbers a lot and ive seen them undertracking sony's number more than the 360's.

dont worry. ur 360 outsells the ps3 in america and vgchartz does a better job at tracking those 360 numbers.

at the same time, they dont accurately count ps3's worldwide sales for some odd reason. . maybe those are the times they wake up on the so called 'wrong side of the bed'

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