The Lonely Life of the Casual MMORPGer | Gamer Reaction

Written by Jen Spragg aka Badpie. Read on how she became the loneliest MMOer to ever be lonely. What happens when everyone in your guild goes their separate ways? When it is time to let go?

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Gunshot2401d ago

Someone needs a hug :)

danielle0072401d ago

I've had a bunch of guilds fall apart, it's a very depressing thing. However, my core group of a few people eventually always find their way back together and then we make another guild and give it all another go.

I definitely used to socialize with people more on the game, though. Since randoms aren't even people from your own server, you don't find people that way like you used to, and BGs are the same. It's a generally lonely world in WoW all because of convenience. Until you have a guild that you <3.