Is it time to stop buying hard copies of games?

Ken Ellis writes: "Everyone loves it.

Going to the game store, and finding the game you want waiting on the shelf. The ability to pick it up and look at the low resolution screenshots on the back of the case. Talking to the clerk about how awesome this game is, and watching as he feigns a look of jealousy as you say you’re going “straight home to play it”. Lastly, the feeling of getting to your game room and popping open the game box and getting that “new game” smell.

Is it time to stop, though?"

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dorron2430d ago

No way! I'll always prefer owning my hard copies...

Agent Smith2430d ago

Agreed. Plus, I read the manuals when I'm on the can.

DeFFeR2430d ago

Agreed, and agreed.

Another point is this - if we go strictly (or majority) digital... prices for the games better go down to recuperate for the increased profits on their end.

How much money do you think it takes for them to press the discs, buy the cases, pack the cases, pack the manuals, add in any "extras" (think codes), shrink wrap the cases, ship the cases... have I made my point? Even if it's $5, that reduction in costs should show up on the consumer end.

I would argue for more off because there would be no trade in value (unless they create one... hard to do without also creating rampant piracy) but "eh, whatever"

blumatt2430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

I will not stop buying hard copies until they stop offering them. I'll be buying bluray games until they force me to buy digital copies. I hope the PS4 offers its games on a 100GB Quad Layer BR disc and the PS4 has a read speed of 8X or 16X. I also hope that on the PS4, they offer the option to copy the disc to the HDD, if you so choose. It would be very cool, too, if they offered the OPTION of buying every game, day and date, via the PS Store, so that those who WANT to can buy their games that way.

I just enjoy trading my games, borrowing games, selling my games, etc. With Digital Copies, there's no way of doing that--yet anyway. I doubt there will ever be a way though. Companies are too greedy.

zinkabassy2430d ago

Well ,.. According to these publishers,.. We don't own shit, except the right to use the disc :),.. But at least it is tangible and a product,..
The point is for them to produce nothing but code and charge us the same prices,..

But going digital,.. We really won't own shit anymore,.. All our rights will go in smoke,.. You all will see that I was right,... Constant online DRM in some games,.. (I would want to kick that guy in the face who thought that was a brilliant idea)

For instance,.. as much as I like Steam,.. It is constant DRM,.. Everything I have is linked to that account,.. They can basically shut me out of it ,.. and at the same time they have me by the balls,..

ForTheFallen2430d ago

Very right, and the sad thing is we have little control over this unless we feel like starting up a company and selling our own games...

TBM2430d ago

imma stay with my hard copies thank you very much. hard copies have trade in value, while DD doesnt.

metsgaming2430d ago

physical media > downloadable

Persistantthug2430d ago

be a successful console that is digital download only...Not ever.

Because the Targets, the Gamestops, the Walmarts, and the Best Buys demand physical media.

No physical media = no consoles sold in their stores.

That's how business works.

And if you don't believe me,
Ask the ONLIVE guys how their console version is working out.

JsonHenry2430d ago

As much as I love STEAM I am gonna have to say no.

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chasedagreat2430d ago

hell no i love disc because if the game sucks i can alway sell it

maniacmayhem2430d ago

I'm down, saves space at home and all instructions and playthroughs can be found online. digital distribution will definitely be the thing of the future.

Its damn near here with music and books.

CrimsonEngage2430d ago

You can't trade digital games in though. Only flaw and the main reason hard copies will always be around.

maniacmayhem2430d ago

Yea, that sux and also i wont be able to gamefly. Unless gamefly makes some kind of digital download to rent only thingy....hmmmmmm

DeFFeR2430d ago

Ok - what if you only paid $35 for the game?

You can just pretend that you paid $60, and got a $25 trade in...

That is the ONLY way this would work - prices would have to drop a considerable amount for people to really latch on to this idea.

Sure, some games would be OK for downloads only (think sports games whose trade in values are in single digits within a few months) and others might be "AAA" games worth having for years and years (Mass Effect 2, God of War, Forza/GT etc).

KillerPwned2430d ago

The value in the games to i think is a great lost. No longer then can you look at your collection of games the same way as you would with hard copies. I love seeing the big collection i got in actual physical form. But seeing my steam collection of 110 games makes me happy but no were near the same feeling i get from owning hard copies.

vickers5002430d ago

Same here. There's just something about staring over at my rack of games and feeling a sense of nostalgia/completion.

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