New Resistance 3 "Lab Series" Video "Lightning Shield"

The eighth video in the “Lab Series” collection has been released from Insomniac Games that showcases the “Lightning Shield” which will be available to gamers when the game is released. The shield is shown to hurt enemies who attempt to melee the wearer.

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pixboy2496d ago

I 'liked' the first game, but too much is being relesed this year that i just cant get excited for this :P

lolpidian2496d ago

"Just a little bit more" until the price of a PS3 becomes reasonable here...

Welshy2496d ago

Hmm... i'm not sure i like the lightning shield idea.

If it isn't balanced properly it will just piss everyone like Juggernaut and Painkiller did.

Really looking forward to R3 actually, hopefully it goes "back to roots" and has more of a R:FOM vibe.

Mucudadada2496d ago

It's really not that bad. It's just good at protecting you from sneak melee attacks. Useful in some situations, but not overpowered, by any means.

SuperbVillain2496d ago

If they can really balance out the guns and all these abilities they will truly be genius' because balancing normal weapons online is hard enough,but these guns are over the top and require extra attention when it comes to balance.I feel there will be some balancing issues but most will get resolved by updates,and some will just be in the game forever