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Playstationlifestyle: "LIMBO is the exact opposite of what’s popular these days. There’s no shooting, no online multiplayer, no fast-paced action, no real story, there isn’t even color; it’s all in black and white. But it’s the lack of all the distractions and commotion of modern games that allows you to get lost in LIMBO‘s world."

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darthv722578d ago

although, I wonder what happened to sev's site?


Anon19742578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

Fantastic game. Playing through it right now. I love how people say "Nothing that hasn't been done before." Really? Where?

Limbo takes a lot of gameplay elements that may have been used in other games, but combines them all in one place with a truly unique and haunting artistic style that will stick with you long after the game is done. I remember seeing a reviewer talking about his game of the year choices and saying "Last year I played countless hours of Halo Reach and loved that game, but when I'm laying on my deathbed I'll still remember that little boy with the glowing eyes."

The game has a lasting impact that few games manage. In my opinion it's an experience that no gamer should deny themselves. When it was released doesn't even factor into it. A great game is a great game, no matter when it came out.

cooperdnizzle2578d ago

Wow, laying on your deathbed you'll remember a little boy with glowing eyes. That is sad. And yea that game is not nearly as good as you make it sound lol. Its average at best.

cooperdnizzle2578d ago

I have the game for my 360. The game was okay. Nothing that hasn't been done before. And then the game just kinda ends. Beat it in like two hours with no replay value. I think the game was kinda over rated. I know i will disagrees but that is just my opinion. Good art style though. But not even a great game if ya ask me.

NukaCola2578d ago

It's a good title, but way to short. Should of only been 800msp when it was released and it's kind of a bummer that it's still $15.

JellyJelly2578d ago

Yeah. I'm with you on that. It's a great experience but I finished it in 3½ hours. Should'nt be more than 800msp.

Raven_Nomad2578d ago

It WAS good last year. Year late and a dollar short as far as i'm concerned. It's always a bit weird seeing reviews for a game that was out over a year ago.

On to Bastion!

mt2578d ago

i didn't want to buy it at first but i bought because there are no games, the game is okie. short game , very short that is what killed it for me. it has very great puzzles. i love the puzzles in this game. trophy ding was challenging somehow for me. 8.5/10