DmC: One Fan’s Forecast

iGG: I’ve been a fan of Capcom’s Devil May Cry series longer than some of today’s gamers have been alive, and certainly longer than many gamers today have been playing. Now, Ninja Theory’s controversial taking of the development reins for the latest installation of the series has some fans of the series (of all ages) worried, others curious, and perhaps a select few excited for a new adventure. Here, I’d like to offer my thoughts on the different sides of the issue, as well as share some conclusions about the direction the series seems to be headed, and what that might mean for its loyal fan base.

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WhiteLightning2497d ago

I think the obvious way we can send a message to Capcom is too not buy it when it comes out

Instead of saying "Oh I'll get it JUST to try it"........why, all your doing is giving them a happy sale. All you have to do is wait untill it's going cheap, look at Enslaved that didn't do very well in sales and you could get it really cheap after a few weeks.

So guys if you don't like the look of this game DON'T buy it. Let's let Capcom know you don't f*ck with a franchise people know and love.

iXenon2497d ago

Did the read the article at all?

OmegaSlayer2497d ago

My point is that Capcom will take DMC in a different direction, since gameplay wise they can't compete with Bayonetta because Kamiya is a genious.

GSpartan7772497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

DmC! DMC is a different game.

Seeing as how Capcom's recent trend has been, the direction they will most likely take with DmC is that it'll be released with DLCs announced shortly after for either additional story like Konami did with Castlevania:LOS, clothing or challenge modes. My guess is that they simply needed series rebooted for that reason.

Doing it with the existing characters, four games already released with a lot of back story behind it, would have made it difficult for them.

As for competing with Bayonetta, I agree. Kamiya is the reason DMC and DMC3 turned out to be so great and Bayonetta practically topped the disappointing rather slower paced gameplay of DMC 4.

OmegaSlayer2497d ago

Yeah, anyway nothing for the fans for sure.
DMC has been my favourite series (even if the series has only 2 games that are really good).
My only concern is gameplay.
Ninja Theory suck at making good gameplay, then Unreal Engine and 30 fps (with lots of screen tear) is no good.

Peaceful_Jelly2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

Author: "Like it or not, fans need to understand that DmC represents the next step of Dante’s official development as a character, and the series’ development as a whole."

-Who say so? What if the game turns out to be worse than the others, will that really be the next step?

I for one, I liked the series for what it was and not for what it could become. DMC has never been about story and it doesn't need it but it had great characters like Trish and Vergil. I really don't like the new serious/bleaker tone, I don't like the new Dante, I don't like the fact that this game runs at 30fps. The lower frame-rate will fundamentally change the core gameplay of the series even if they kept the exact same combos but most people doesn't realize how much of an outrage this is.

Beside, DMC4 didn't sell well because it came out relatively early to this console generation, PS3 wasn't even at 20m nor it had trophies but the game sold the most on it anyway. If DMC4 would have come out now it would have sold twice as much I tell you. Also if you play MvC3 online you'll see that 90% of the people you'll fight against have Dante in their team and this proves that people still loves the character. A lot.

Cpt_kitten2497d ago

"DMC has never been about story"

ummmmm yes it has, it's all about the story and the overall timeline of the game, that's why there are books and the anime to fill in some of the gaps and Dante's history as a child and how he got ebony and ivory, his rivalry against Vergil and his mother Trish or his business relation with Lady

if it wasn't about the story we would be fighting vergil every game and it would be completely pointless, God of War is about the story though there is not much char development with him, just his revenge

Tony-Red-Grave2497d ago

end of the day GOW did have a story to tell and was consistent with it up until the end. Btw i wanna make it very clear the novels are not cannon, with the expection of the DMC4 novel which still hasn't been confirmed, and from what i've read the mangas are cannon.

Tony-Red-Grave2497d ago

how many times do i have to say "you cannot keep a game moving on gameplay alone" sure DMC has great gameplay (excluding DMC4 not because it was bad but because it was medicore at best compared to the rest of the series) but the story is full of plot holes and the chronology is all wrong.

with DmC they at least have the chance to tell the same story with less plot holes and an actual beginning. Oh and these great charaters of yours only involved trish with vergil being part of a now Fd up plot hole and replaced by nero in DMC4.

Right now wht NT can do that neither dev could do is hopefully make a better story with less plot holes and capcom to back up the gamplay, after all capcom USA and JP are involved in the project.

Author: "Like it or not, fans need to understand that DmC represents the next step of Dante’s official development as a character, and the series’ development as a whole."

btw that was a great quote because its true but remember if the story is a retelling, like MK did same overall story with twists here and there, that what are people complaining about? the gameplay? please if you bought DMC4 your expectations should already be as low as possible.

VileAndVicious2497d ago

What your saying is logical and they dont want logic.... They just want their pitchforks -_-

Gamehard2497d ago

I think you should use DMC2 more as a comparison to mediocre gameplay than DMC4. The gameplay in DMC4 is still on par with any action game that comes out today. DMC2 was just pure garbage in those terms.

TyrionL2497d ago

@ Gamehard
I was going to say the exact same thing. In my OPINION, DMC2 is the worst in the series so far.

jc485732497d ago

whatever. I choose not to buy, but I just don't want people out there to encourage me to try at least. Yea, I will try if it's free.

Tony-Red-Grave2497d ago

seriously no news on it yet? well back to waiting i go.

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