Microsoft responds to XBLA game prices going up

In 2009, only about a quarter of the full games on Xbox Live Arcade cost the premium 1200 Microsoft Points. That number climbed to almost a third in 2010 – and is set to rise further this year, with almost half the titles released so far hitting the 1200 MSP mark. Microsoft's Chris Charla, portfolio director for XBLA, acknowledges that prices have gone up – but argues that the inflation should be seen as a sign of increasing quality and developers pushing the boundaries of what's possible on the service.

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BakedGoods2466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

Most PSN game are $10. Most XBLA are $15. You can talk quality all you want (there are GOTY's on both sides) but ultimately it comes down to squeezing more money out of us gamers. I grabbed Beyond Good and Evil for $7CDN on PSN, and just recently paid $18CDN for Bastion. Two high quality games, two very different prices.

On top of the XBL subscription, my 360 gaming is getting expensive.

Why o why2466d ago

global or just in the US

allyc4t2466d ago

It's BS how canadians get fucked over with pricing.

-Alpha2466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

We also get really cheap casings-- we don't have any artwork found inside the game box. All we get is a cheap gray background, none of that exciting stuff I see in U.S versions

Dante1122466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

Lol, you think stuff is too expensive in the US now, if the US defaults on their debt, games are REALLY gonna get priced higher from the squeeze.

khan_saab2465d ago

if the US defaults on their loan, gaming would be the least of anyone's worries

KING_KAI2465d ago

yeah like bread, milk, fuel

xPhearR3dx2466d ago

Really? Most Arcade games are multiplatform like Backbreaker Vengeance, Dungeons and Dragons Daggerdale, Section 8: Prejudice, Stacking, Deathspank etc. All $15 games on both PSN and XBL. MS doesn't choose the price of these games, and neither does Sony.

Dlacy13g2466d ago

@BakedGoods " I grabbed Beyond Good and Evil for $7CDN on PSN, and just recently paid $18CDN for Bastion. Two high quality games, two very different prices."

Well Beyond Good and Evil is 800 pts on XBLA ($10 US)... and Beyond Good And Evil HD ($9.99) on PSN.

please try and compare apples to apples... no difference in price.

lochdoun2466d ago

You're logic is flawed.
The publishers set the prices... Beyong Good and Evil is the same price on PSN and XBLA.
If anything, XBLA has better and more frequent sales than PSN.

BakedGoods2466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

You're right, the comparison doesn't work.

However your final point is suspicious. When you consider PSN Plus as an equivalent cost to XBL Live, not only are there insane deals, but using even your example a gamer would save a couple bucks buying BG&E on PSN instead of XBLA.

Over the long run when you factor in PSN sales and some cheaper exclusives (Shooter 2 being only $10 whereas XBLA exclusives are generally $15). You'd save a good chunk of cash buying PSN titles instead.

hilyou2466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

ign did a article on psn plus in which they lokked at how much money was saved for ppl who had ps plus since it began (a whole year) and they saved 800 bucks!
go 2 da end of da article.

Arnon2466d ago

How would you save money? PSN+ discounts do not equate for everything on PSN. So in reality, not a testing environment, paying for PSN+ means you're basically paying the same, or more if you hardly buy anything.

Active Reload2466d ago

I love Xbox Live Arcade and Xbox Live Indie Games! I hope it makes a smooth transition to the new Xbox, whenever that comes. Any word on when all those games are coming to Windows 7 phones? That should have been done at the launch of MS's phones. They don't need ports from iOS or Android, they have a plethora of games on those 2 services that are on the 360. It's common sense!

mcgrottys2466d ago

yeah, but first they need freaking MS point support!! it annoys me that I need to use a CC every time I want a game while I have plenty of MS points from friends.

showtimefolks2466d ago

on top of the fact that we are paying for xblive we pay extra for stuff when on psn you can get all your stuff from psn for free like demos and stuff, plus play online and psn:plus give you actual discounts and free games,game trails,themes etc,,,,

every time MS talk about raising prices whether its xblive their most loyal fan base just says oh yeh they are doing the right thing

we as gaming community are so apart on these issues that all these companies take advantage of us. What if we all stop being fanboys and tall MS that online playing should be free and we will not pay anymore what you think they will say no.

but that's never gonna happen we like arguing with each other on who has the better console and games

no wonder why there are online passes
there are COD like games that can do billion's in business, while some other great games can't do one million

and expect DLC prices to keep going up and up. It seems like a lot of these companies looks at in game content and cut it so they can sell as dlc and they are fine with that because we don't mind paying extra i guess

Hicken2465d ago

Bubbles up for being intelligent.

TyrionL2465d ago

@ Hickens
That’s not being intelligent, it’s being bias, and only looking at the situation from one side. It’s funny you bring up the online pass thing, there are just as many fanboys on the other side praising Sony for the online passes, and anything else they do wrong. How many people were saying all the personal info that was stolen was not a big deal on this site, along with any other slip Sony makes? It’s not "just the Xbots", or "All the Droids", there are stupid people on both sides, and people are going to praise both sides no matter what they do, good or stupid. To be honest I think the dumbest comments are the ones that generalize a whole fan base, kind of like showtime just did. I don’t think he really meant all the people with a 360, so he’s probably not the best example, but he is still making a comment that isn’t based on any kind of facts. I can do the same thing and say, “every time there's a Kinect article the most loyal Sony fanboys come in and bash it”.
See how dumb that sound. A lot of the fanboys do come and bash, but even more Sony fan's don't even click on the article in the first place, because it doesn't concern them in any way. I bet a lot of "their most loyal fan base" (talking about the 360 side now), does not like it when prices go up, and to generalize a specific group of people like that for any reason is juvenile, and just plain annoying to be honest.
Also you get all the demos, “and stuff” free on Live too, as well as discounts and other little thing, so I don’t know what you were talking about when you mentioned that stuff.

Hicken2465d ago

I don't agree with the online passes at all. Not from any company, for any game. I don't agree with Live, because you're literally paying to access the online portion of any multiplayer game you acquire. If I've gotta pay to play a game online, then I should pay less for it retail. Paying full price for a new game (or buying a new game, period) means I've bought both the single and multiplayer. But if I'm just gonna turn around and have to pay to USE the multiplayer, why buy it at full price in the first place?

As for the passes, they're silly. They're an attempt at curbing used sales, which translates into an attempt to tell you what you can and can't do with your own property. Their excuse is that they're losing money, but it's more that they're not gaining money, since someone who'd buy a copy used isn't necessarily someone who would've bought a new copy of a game. Insomnia recently said it hurts the devs, and someone mentioned how many devs have been closing their doors recently. But that's on the publishers. That's on Activision and EA and Capcom and Sega. THEY make out with all the money from the work the developers put in. As a publisher, if sales don't meet expectations, but you know they put out a good product, why would you shut them down? You've got multiple sources of income from multiple developers across multiple systems. Why not share some of the wealth?

cooperdnizzle2464d ago

@Tyriol. Once again none of what you stated is fact. 360 did not slap sony in the mouth. You are truly an idiot probably with a small wiener, and no life. You can only talk shit through a computer, you wouldn't say shit in real life. Once again nothing that you stated was fact. You a 360 fanboy, and are probably some little fat kid or something. Grow a dick in the spot were you're vagina is. People disagree with you all the time. You're a hypocrite, you can't admit when you're wrong. Nothing of what you said was fact once again!!! Stupid loser.

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seinfan2465d ago

How is 1/3 "most"? Do you need to go back to elementary to learn fractions again?

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romancer2466d ago

Isn't a game like Bastion 1200 points in both Canada and the U.S.?

(leaving aside the fact that, at present, the Canadian dollar is the stronger of the two.)

1200 points makes me more careful about game purchases.... i am waiting to see a demo of From Dust before I choose between it and Bastion. Can't afford both... and that's OK.

KING_KAI2465d ago

demo for every arcade game on live

baodeus2466d ago

but doesn't all xlive arcade comes with a demo so you can try them out before buying them? PSN doesn't have demo, not even pictures for the arcade games, so it can be pretty hard to make a purchase since you don't know what it is like. They need more informations than just a few lines of descriptions.

Haven't read the article though, so don't really know what is their justification for the price hike?

Active Reload2466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

No pictures? Really? Does the PSN have an Indie Game section? Or is everything lumped together? The one thing that MS could and should do, is give the ability to gift games to send to friends. I'm sure devs would stop whining then, especially in the XBLIGs. That's the only thing I'm envious of Steam over. Oh, and yeah, there is a demo for all 99% of the games on Xbox LIVE.

Why o why2466d ago

Yeah, the demos for 99% of the games is a big plus for live. Psn definitely needs to adopt that practice. One thing that people dont give psn credit for is the game sharing..legit or not i share a psn account with 4 others and we pump it full of cash. All our games work out at 1/5 of the price on top of the possible discounts. Brucie bonus.

baodeus2465d ago (Edited 2465d ago )

That is my only grip on psn is lack of demo and information for arcade games/indie games for example. Like if u look up on a game, it should have everything for it in one spot (dlc, contents, description, demo, pictures, etc....). This is where xlive shine over psn. It really helps.

The problem is that Sony do not require developers to post these, so they just wouldn't bother with it. Sometimes i have to go on xlive to look it up, get demo and may purchase it on psn later down the line if they have it. It is also weird that i have to install them after the download, i don't get what is the purpose of this. Just cause they come with decent HDD space, doesn't mean i have to do this every freakin time. Because of these issues, I just end up getting them on live instead save me some agony and time.

I don't think that is a good way to promote games on psn. If they want to support indie games, make it easy for the consumer to get them. People do want to buy games, but if you aren't making it easy, they just not gonna do it.

Although MS need to have certain limits as well. Keep raising the price and people may just go for other alternatives, even if it is not easy.

KingZFlipper2466d ago

Here in Finland PSN games costs around 5-13€ depending on each game, and XBLA games of course all from 400-1200 (nowadays regular price 1200msp)

Chocoboh2466d ago

canadia huh soon to be americas other state

SuperStrokey11232466d ago

The states cant afford a house let alone canada...

2465d ago
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DragonKnight2465d ago

Yeah you wish. Canada is just going to buy the U.S. and then you'll have to deal with our Communist Health Care system. LOL.

Ignorance. Can be funny sometimes.

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