GoD Interview: Hands-On Mobile Talks Guitar Hero Mobile

Games On Deck recently talked to James Kaye, Hands-On Mobile's marketing director for the European, Southeast Asian and Latin American regions, about the company's history, the re-branding of its runtime environment, the success of Heroes Lore in Korea -- and an upcoming mobile game franchise based on Guitar Hero.

Kaye discusses the company's plans for the rhythm series:

"We have a couple of products in the pipeline. One product we have already shown at CTIA last week is the version that closely matches the console experience as you would expect whereas the other product (that I cannot really discuss) goes in another direction whilst staying true to the brand. In the US, the first game will also have downloadable song packs which will be interesting and is something we are exploring for Europe."

The discussion also covers Hands-On's proprietary runtime environment, HOMBRE -- as Kaye explains, high-tech features in phones are great, but his company aims to let users carry all the applications they're interested in on the phone they already have...

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