Watch the 2011 EVO World Finals Live in Playstation Home

Locust_Star writes: "The largest fighting game competition in the world is right around the corner and we are giving you, the PlayStation Home community, a front-row seat to witness the no-holds barred action of the 2011 EVO World Finals."

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Punch-o2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

I great way to use PS home. Playstation have a large fighting community.

FredEffinChopin2550d ago

I remember reading rumors that this might happen some months ago, and I thought it was a brilliant idea. I'm glad to see the plan made it to fruition. Definitely a fun social thing to do online with buddies, I am so there.

Punch-o2550d ago

ooops A great way.....

maniacmayhem2550d ago

Finally a reason for me to use Home!

I'll be there front row!

2550d ago
redDevil872550d ago

I tried this with E3, it flopped. I'm just going to use JTV.

Plus EVO ain't EVO without stream monsters!

Redempteur2550d ago

New stream technology ..

At least they are trying ...

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