Microsoft is giving away a million MSP

Microsoft announced today that they are giving away a total of one million Microsoft Points to celebrate the joining between Games for Windows,, and the Games for Windows Marketplace.

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bwazy2249d ago


ZETTA2249d ago

OMFG OVER 90000????


2249d ago
egidem2249d ago (Edited 2249d ago )

Forget the above. N4G handles such code and spam stuff. Mark it as spam!


subtenko2249d ago

THeres no way that can be right....CAN ITTTTTTTT!?!?!?!!!

Sony3602249d ago (Edited 2249d ago )

It's 400 per person making a total of a million.

"Earn 400 free MS points" - Why couldn't that be the title?

Oh yeah, it wouldn't have gotten as many free hits.

Also "giving" them away is an interesting choice of words, because you have to buy a game before you get them. Should have known really.

Shepherd 2142249d ago

Interesting choice of words indeed, however an extra 400 MS points just for buying a game you want is a good deal anyway.

sourav932249d ago

For a second I thought it said MS is giving a a million "PSP" lol.

SwiftArsonist2249d ago

i should've known, MS never gives anything for "free"

sinclaircrown2249d ago

No company really gives anything away for free. But I do agree this offer is very lame.

Hockeydud192249d ago

Ya and 400 points isn't enough for anything that
s good on the store.

sinclaircrown2249d ago

lol, two rockband songs. Hardly warrents the words "One Million" in the headline for the "giveaway"

BinaryMind2249d ago

Yeah it's like saying here's your free steak for five bucks :/

Shepherd 2142249d ago

Actually theres plenty of reduced price DLC and reduced price arcade games on the XBL marketplace that makes your 400 go a long way.

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egidem2249d ago

Just change those words from "MSP" to "dollars" and then consider me signed up like long ago.

hilyou2249d ago

ya i know its like a 1000 bucks!

ELite_Ghost2249d ago

damn that's not over 9000 :( </3

xtremexx2249d ago

ffs, so misleading, i thought they were going to give it to one person

Camb316912249d ago

agreed, that's what i thought, it kinda pissed me off, it was so misleading haha. I was like " oh.. I should have saw that coming"

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The story is too old to be commented.