An Annual Duty - Do We Need Call of Duty Every Year?

CheatCC - When it comes to Call of Duty's release schedule, We the Gamers don't get much of a say. CoD titles are raking in more cash than ever, and Activision has found enough development studios that can crank them out in time for Christmas every year. Whether you like it or not, Call of Duty will be an annual tradition for the foreseeable future.

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danswayuk2583d ago

The question should be: Does Call of Duty need a new engine this year?

darthv722583d ago

a new madden every year? By that I am meaning a full blown 60+$ game.

We have reached the point where roster updates and tweaks to the performance can be delivered via patch. EA obvioulsy doesnt think so.

That same example works for MLB and NBA and pretty much sports games in general. The nature of the sport doesnt change. Just the players.

Kalowest2583d ago

"An Annual Duty - Do We Need Call of Duty Every Year?"
Is the economy in good shape.

Der_Kommandant2583d ago

Full game should cost 20 bucks

Foxgod2583d ago

Modern warware and COD should not play exactly the same.
If EA makes two different games out of them, then it wont hurt to release them every other year.

It wouldnt hurt if both games get their own exclusive gameplay features.

2583d ago
NMC20072583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

Ask Call of Duty fans. This is like asking the casual gamer "Do we need JRPGs this year" and they will first ask you what a JRPG is and then continue to say "if the fans want them then why not?". So, with that said, if the fans want them, then why not?

Do we need annual sports games? If the fans want them, why not? It's not bothering me.

RoyaleWC2583d ago

Not to mention from a business perspective, it'd be downright stupid to stop making a CoD every year when they make as much money as they do.

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The story is too old to be commented.