Why L.A. Noire’s Creators Should Play Phoenix Wright - GameZone

GameZone's Joe Donato looks at where L.A. Noire went wrong and how it could have benefited from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

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TheSanchezDavid2549d ago

No objection here. A lot of good points in this editorial. I especially agree about the random action sequences in L.A. Noire. I also know of a few people who never bothered to drive in that game, which makes sense given the cars' wonky controls.

Canary2548d ago


Every gamer and every game developer should play Phoenix Wright. Without exception.

Also: where the hell is AAI:2?

TomFG2549d ago

A nice editorial. Agreed that after spending so much time creating immersion and realism in LA Noire, the action scenes and car chases undo it all in seconds.

May have to pick up Phoenix Wright myself now.

NukaCola2549d ago

One of the best series on DS. You ought to check out Hotel Dusk: Room 217, it's a Noir game on DS. 9/10 game. And Trace Memory, from the guys at Cing who do HDR217, it's a mystery title that uses the DS in every possible way. And by every possible way, I mean you'll do some odd things. Best mystery game I have ever played. Just some titles that I have played that remind me of LA Noire.

NewMonday2549d ago

i played all the Ace Attorney games , loved all of them, how dose Room217 and Trace Memory compare to Phoenix Wright?

and do you have an idea about the Miles spinoff, and ghost detective?

NukaCola2548d ago

Room 217/Trace don't compare really to Ace, they compare to LA Noire, with their noir feel and investigative puzzle solving.

I have not played the 4th or ghost, just the trilogy with Pheonix.

PSjesus2549d ago

PW cases are way better than LAnoire

PlayerX2549d ago

Phoenix Wright>L.A. Noire

Vortex3D2549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )

It seems not many reviewers of LA Noire know it's simply impossible fail in LA Noire as long you are able to chase down the runners on foot or car, and kill the shooters.

I'm replaying LA Noire as dumb detective style by missing as many possible clubs and fail on every question on the witness and suspect. No matter how I keep failing, the witness will automatically give Cole the answers and the ensures the suspects will be captured even you have zero or used wrong evidence. There is simply no way to fail at the end of each case. Trying to get the questioning done correctly is just an illusion that you are playing the game correctly. Most interesting is Cole's captain will be yelling at him for failing even the suspect is captured anyway, the following case, his captain will be praising Cole for being the greatest detective.

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