D+PAD Magazine's Big Nintendo Preview Part 1

D+PAD Magazine writes:

What a difference 12 months can make. In 2010, with the Wii’s position as this generation’s biggest-selling hardware already sealed, all the talk turned to how the 3DS would inevitably dominate the handheld landscape in much the same way. However there currently hangs over the gaming behemoth an undeniable air of uncertainty. Sales of the 3DS are sluggish, as the software library struggles to gain momentum. The Wii, all but dead as a going concern, has just one last hurrah on the horizon. And reception to its successor, the Wii U, has been more of confusion than outright excitement. Are things really so bad in Camp Mario?

As more details about the Wii U trickle out the more it sounds like a genuinely radical new take on hardware (one publication has already called it the most “flexible” console platform ever). That “one last hurrah” for the Wii? Well, it’s only the small matter of Skyward Sword, the first Zelda title designed specifically for Nintendo’s...

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