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GameZone's Mike Fischer gives his opinion on what the top five video games to watch on YouTube are.

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lance422495d ago

Don't necessarily agree with these. I agree with Minecraft for for different reasons. I don't watch it on YouTube for the stories, I was for the creations.

How are there no MMORPGs on the list and no League of Legends?

zootang2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

I thought games were made to be played? This is not very constructive. Below, no. Why would I watch a game I wanted to play. Watching will never be as good as playing. Maybe after I have played the game I would watch someone else play.

lance422495d ago

Yea, games are meant to be played. I didn't write this lol. But don't you ever watch videos of a game on Youtube. Like cool kills and stuff?

Azule612495d ago

The reason why I didn’t include MMO’s on the list is because this top five is strictly single player experiences. If I had done the list with Multiplayer in mind, it would have shooters and MMO’s. I would also have included the creation side of Minecraft, but that is mostly done in the multiplayer.

kma2k2495d ago

To be honest the story of cathering intrigues me. The gameplay with the puzzles anoys the shit out of me. Having said that i will be to busy playing other games than to watch one on youtube. But its an intersting idea.

Pikajew2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

I only watch Minecraft to see creations

Its very boring to watch a person play a game

TheSanchezDavid2495d ago

Good list. I agree for the most part. I'll start playing Catherine tomorrow, but after playing the demo, I feel like I would get a kick out of watching someone else play.

Also, why no Limbo? =P

Azule612495d ago

Haha, I see you’re a fellow Limbo fan. I honestly didn't even think to add Limbo on to the list. But, I don't regret not putting it on the list.

TomFG2495d ago

An interesting list. I can kind of understand watching a game if there's a particularly good story, but the gameplay isn't your cup of tea. Or if it's a system exclusive that you can't play - I've watched some Heavy Rain and Uncharted in YouTube to see what I'm missing, but definitely not the whole games.

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