7 Creepy Video Game Easter Eggs You'll Wish Were Never Found

Video game Easter eggs can be a fun way to motivate players to continue exploring a game they've completed ... or they can be terrifying experiences that make sure the players never go near that game again. We've told you about those Easter eggs that took years to be found; here are some more that we wish had remained undiscovered.

By:Maxwell Yezpitelok,  M. Asher Cantrell at

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OcularVision2374d ago

Why bother posting this? Everybody reads Cracked articles daily anyways :)

yog-sothot2374d ago

that was a fine article !

trippyaaron2374d ago

how was the baby stroller creepy?

allyc4t2374d ago

I love these lists from Cracked.

PSjesus2374d ago

Great list
(Halo, the popular first-person shooter featuring a diverse cast of memorable characters, such as the space marine with the green armor, the space marine with the gray armor and, our personal favorite, the other space marine with the gray armor. And, uh, that's pretty much everyone, we think)

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