Super Ultimate Article IV Written by Me VS Capcom X - GameZone

GameZone's Lance Liebl gives his opinion/rant on Capcom re-releasing 'super' or 'ultimate' editions of Street Fighter IV and Marvel vs Capcom 3.

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TheSanchezDavid2550d ago

This is why I hardly buy Capcom fighters. I feel like I would already be making a non-current purchase if I shelled out the cash for one of their games.

TomFG2550d ago

Agreed. But as long as people keep buying, publishers will know they can get away with it.

DemonStration2549d ago

I think when you're really invested in it it doesn't seem so despicable. I'm actually kind of excited for UMvC3 for the roster additions.

lance422549d ago

The characters are cool, but I feel they should have been downloadable content instead of a whole other game.

DemonStration2547d ago

Maybe they're thinking Standard -> Ultimate -> DLC characters for Ultimate.

Basically sticking to the same model at SFIV. I dunno, it doesn't get me too riled (maybe it should), but I can definitely see how Mortal Kombat stepped it up in a big way and Capcom needs to look at that.

mystakin2549d ago

I'm not nearly as annoyed with Capcom's fighting stuff as other people. $40 for 12 characters, or $3-$4 a character, doesn't bother me all that much. It may be because I've bought so many $2 Rock Band songs, I'm not sure. I can certainly see why it would upset a lot of people, though.