Eastender's Video Game Rumours Quashed By BBC

Rumours are doing the Internet rounds that Eidos has picked up the rights to a 'casual' game based on nothing other than the long-running BBC soap opera, Eastenders.

SPOnG was mildly amused by this depressing, mockney, dark, grey, annoying rumour, so they duly called all of their contacts at Eidos who could proffer no additional info - not even a denial.

SPOmG idly wondered if the Eastender's game would feature a rhythm-action section whereby you get to kick in Phil Mitchell's head while keeping time on the old joanna while everyone in the Vic is having a right old knees up.

"The weapons inventory might include lethal daffodils and all car chases could end up in the Thames - or it could feature all those other standard 'Stender's tragedies…It might have a Cat Slater fashion studio element too!" one excitable Eidos staffer suggested.

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