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Wolfie2466d ago

this doesn't look good

Kurisu2466d ago

Keep in mind that this is only a demo of the game and is not a representation of the final product. TTT2 still has many months before it actually releases, and I'm sure it will polish up well.

bacrec12466d ago

I played the arcade version of it @ E3. Looks a lot like tekken 6 to be honest.

NarooN2466d ago

What do you expect? The visuals are a lot better than T6's, but the gameplay is obviously gonna be mostly similar, besides the new bound system (different from Tekken 6's), new netsu system, obvious new tag stuff, etc.

Tekken Tag 1 when it released was pretty much Tekken 3 with a tag feature.

IRetrouk2465d ago

devil kazuya is back, yes finaly someone to kick that devil jin into touch, cant wait.