Battlefield 3 classes: the complete run-down

BF3Blog gets a complete run down on all the classes in Battlefield 3, their roles, weapons, and more.

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Rearden2496d ago

I'm still a bit bummed that there's only 4 classes. BF2 had six. One more class in BF3 wouldn't have hurt.

SJPFTW2496d ago

there are technically more than 4 classes due to the amount of customization available. the rifleman class can turn into a medic class or can turn into an assault class by switching out your healing abilities for a grenade launcher. Dont like it go back to Battlefield 2

Hairy Chewie2496d ago

What SJPFTW said. It's basically just picking whether you want your guy to carry ammo, med-kit, repair tool or C4. Everything else should be pretty customisable.

Emperor_Cono2496d ago

Not sure if like...
The new class set-ups that is, while I think some changes are good I'm still kind of on the fence.
Still cant wait for it tho!

DanSolo2496d ago

Pretty much everything there has been known for a while now...

I thought that the Recon class was getting adapted to make it a more team friendly class? Where is the information about how they intend to make that happen?

shaun mcwayne2496d ago

Im sure the classes are set up this way to balance the game.
If its even slighly better than bfbc2, ill be like woop!