SoulCalibur V : Comic-Con 2011 Trailer

Check out SoulCaliburV from Comic-Con 2011

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Vegivo2579d ago

KOOL!! Ive seen the leaked trailer but now i can rewatch it in HD!!! :P

NukaCola2579d ago

Most realistic fighter I have ever seen. Thank good they didn't go overly glossy or toony. Definitely a sweet looking title.

mafiahajeri2579d ago

Most realstic? no its isnt tekken takes that title you dont have katanas going through people and them getting up back again. Not only is tekken more realstic its ten times better!

the_best_player2579d ago

Tekken is the best figher because of the very responsive controls.

midgard2272579d ago

yeeeeeeah right mafia, tekken is realistic, sure, with all the fake juggling in the game lmao. when they get hit its like 50% less gravity.

how bout we concentrate on whats fun? SC is fun, tekken is meh

jc485732579d ago

stop pwning the old farts!

zerocrossing2579d ago

Looks awesome! Not happy seeing the the good ol original chars getting their butts kicked by the newcomers though. That's not how it would go down ;D

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