ESA Hopes California Will Reimburse Their Legal Fees

After the Supreme Court of the US (SCOTUS) declared California’s violent video game bill unconstitutional, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) who battled the law all the way to the highest court had quite a few legal fees, $1.1 million, to be exact. Because California lost (after losing time and again in lower courts), the ESA is hoping that the state will foot their bill.

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SactoGamer2498d ago

Well, if a judge orders it it'll happen. Otherwise it won't. California can't afford it.

rrquinta2498d ago

Yeah, I mean the state should pay the fees, but it's kind of a shame that the taxpayers have to pay for the stubbornness of a few legislators.

theherp802498d ago

i hope not, i need that money!

I have an idea how about the ESA come out and say "we can't ban violent games cause we need all the underage gamers to buy our games and give us a ton of money" and then I will be happy to have my tax dollars sent to pay their bills.

everyone in the industry knows minors play M rated games and it wasn't that long ago that ESRB had to change the way they display and rate games, so I just want the ESA to stop pretending to fight for "our rights" when the entire industry knows they won't make as much if minors can't play those games. I just wish someone would be honest with us, stop acting like politicians and treat us gamers like we're adults instead of 12 yr old kids.

rrquinta2498d ago

While that may be true, the CA law was so grossly unconstitutional that I'm really glad it wasn't upheld. I don't have a problem with protecting our youth, but do it constitutionally.

TheLiztress2498d ago

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that the ESA is doing this. And I won't be too surprised if they do get California to foot the bill. Though I will be disappointed.