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Gran Turmiso 5, inFAMOUS 2, LittleBigPlanet and Motorstorm Apocalypse have all benefited from an extensive online marketing campaign that has been focused around Facebook. Many of these Facebook ‘Apps’ provide users with 5 minutes of fun with the biggest draw being the ability to unlock in-game rewards, PlayStation Home goodies or the odd theme here and there. With Killzone 3 SCEE really pushed the boat out, with their extremely inventive ISA Ultimate Recruit program, that bypassed Facebook in favour of a dedicated website. Things went a little wrong with the inFAMOUS 2 Anarchy game. It was basically an Empire City-flavoured edition of Farmville, and it was as much fun as sticking your finger into a plug socket (for those wondering that’s not very fun at all)

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The Matrix2551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

Just signed up. I'll give this a shot.

rbluetank2551d ago

it is really cool. it takes some time getting use too it. it helps me pass the time between internet searches... lol

helghast1022551d ago

C'mon guys, we need some help on the Chimeran side.
One condition though, don't deploy Hybrids! Ever since a load of our Hybrids were deployed we've started to lose BIG TIME, just Spire the crap out of the deployed Humans.

The Matrix2550d ago

Signed up for the humans because it seemed to make the most sense. I guess a lot of people thought this as well. =/

rbluetank2551d ago

do we bunkerbust them first then spire the crap out of them next... i have been doing this and it works sometimes... lol

helghast1022551d ago

The best thing to do with most regions is to test their defenses by firing off 1 BB, just to check if they have Bunkers, if you destroy one keep BB'ing it until it's defenses are down, then Spire them.

rbluetank2551d ago

thxs i noticed that i would blow up one bunker but the spire attack would not work.... this helps