Scene It? Lights, Camera, Action Released Today for the Xbox 360

The No. 1-selling DVD game in the United States makes its video game premiere as Microsoft Game Studios, Screenlife Games and WXP debut "Scene It? Lights, Camera, Action" exclusively on Xbox 360. On store shelves today, "Scene It? Lights, Camera, Action" is a multiplayer trivia game that tests even the most seasoned pop culture trivia pros and allows up to four teams or individual players to relive moments from their favorite movies.

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Yuprules4055d ago

Those buzz controllers are funny looking :) At least there are 4 right out of the box.

Syko4055d ago

I want to see the DLC structure before purchasing this game. If they get the DLC right, Price and content wise this will be a must buy for me. As I always have a ton of friends at my place and games like this are great fun to play.

But for now the $169.99 for Rock Band is putting a damper on most game purchases.

lynx1halo4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

cheap ripoff of SONY

No problem Syko 360

So long as you continue to turn a blind eye to microsofts blatant ripping off of a good Sony idea...I will continue to provide you my insight
...and Silver Bull3t below....NOW THAT WAS JUST WEAK

Syko4055d ago

Thank you, Insightful as always. Ignore #24 Congratulations. Keep posting informative and well thought out posts like that and you will soon have 50+ ignores! The sky's the limit JR! Aim high willis. Aim High!

DrRage774055d ago

you do realize that the game "Scene It" is NOT a saony innovation, right? in fact, this game has been around for over 10 years. if you want to talk about microsoft using a similar design for the controller as the sony game, then fine, let's talk about innovation considering sony's triggers and rumble and harddrive in it's console are all ideas from OTHER game fact, microsoft was the first INNOVATOR of using a harddrive inside of a gaming console...hmm, go innovate that thought!

Saint Sony4055d ago say Sony is innovator.. muuahhahah. You know sh!T. Do your research moron.

Silver Bull3t4055d ago

Ate Stupid-Flakes for breakfast again eh?

DethWish4055d ago

Looks like a copy of the sony game Buzz huh..

binard3284055d ago

Buzz is a general trivia game. Scene It! is a movie trivia game that was originally a board/DVD game. Having never played Buzz, I don't know if the game mechanics are similar. My guess is that they probably are. I played the Scene It! demo and it works kinda like the sports bar trivia games (anyone know those?). But just because the controllers are similar doesn't mean that the game is the same.

DrRage774055d ago

dethwish, you are making yourself look real dumb by saying the game "Scene It" is a copy off of sony's Buzz....go google some facts before more crap drops from your mouth. LMFAO

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