If House Of The Dead: Overkill doesn’t make you want a PS Move, nothing will

As you probably know, Im a sucker for a good zombie game, but I’m also a sucker for an awesome Playstation Move game and House of the dead: Overkill is doing pretty well at luring me in! House of the dead has always been one of me favourite arcade shooters as its one of the most popular. (Probably because the machine has 2 kick ass uzi’s mounted on it) House of the dead: Overkill is a version of House of the Dead specifically made for consoles and saw its debut on the Nintendo Wii, and its fun for a while until you miss that arcade style accuracy. Sega must have seen the light when PS Move came out as they almost immediately started work on a Playstation move version of this game!

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DaThreats2465d ago

I know this game would be man fun with MOVE.

bacrec12465d ago

It was incredible for the Wii, so i know now its comes with bonus features......Get it people!

darthv722465d ago

this game doesnt make me want a move because I already have it for the wii.

Now virtua cop......that is a different story. Surprised that VC hasnt made a come back for the wii but would be welcomed on the move as well.

ian722465d ago

I hope they put the option to use Gun-con 3 which works with both Time Crisis discs (Time crisis 4/Razing storm).
Doubt it though as its a different company making/publishing this game.

Dwalls11712465d ago

I think move is doing wanted this thing to be a add on ....and its just that..something extra if you want it...sold like 8 million or somthing rite?

Robotronfiend2465d ago

I really never played any arcade gun games after Revolution X and the Terminator one (I started on Operation Wolf). I'm not sure what kind of game would encourage me to pick up the Move, but this is certainly not the one.

It is indeed a good game, but the investment in the Move is still more than I'm willing to spend to play only a few games. Maybe a couple more No More Heroes, Quality workout, or other non-FPS games would do it. Using the move as a gun peripheral doesn't add much to a game experience for me.

Local Co-Op Tekken with the Move would be comedy gold.

darthv722465d ago

I can totally see a new hd rendition of operation wolf or thunderbolt. That would be just to sweet to play. Toss in the classic as a freebie unlockable too.

nycredude2465d ago

Dude you can get the tigerwoods 2012 move bundle for $99. You get the eye (which has many other uses and games for it), one the move controller, and the game.

Sounds like a cheap investment for what you get. You make it sound like it cost $300 or something.

Robotronfiend2465d ago

I'd need 2 sets. One for me and one for my wife. I don't like golf, so the Tiger Woods game is out of the question. There isn't enough to do with the Move just yet for me to want to buy it. If it was $50 each, I still wouldn't have it. But if there was a large batch of great games, they could price it at $200 each and i'd still get 2 of them, as long as the games were awesome.

I do have expensive peripherals for games I love. Guitar Hero pieces, X-Arcade Dual Tankstick, MadCatz Round 1 TE Fightstick are all well over $100. It's not just the price, but the combination of price and games that I don't think are better with Move.

DanSolo2465d ago

I have MOVE and I think it is a good piece of kit... however it badly needs some must have games!

I also don't think it is a good lightgun replacement as it does not stay calibrated for long.... it might be ok for people who just like pointing and shooting randomly, but personally I really enjoy lightgun games that are spot on pin point accurate as then I can actually test and improve my shooting skills in an enjoyable way.

I did enjoy using MOVE with Killzone3, but that was because it wasn't really like pointing a gun so it did not matter about going out of calibration.

But I think the MOVE has real potential, and it would be good to see some real quality killer titles for it!

BABY-JEDI2465d ago

I enjoyed Killzone 3 with MOVE. I found the calibration excellent once you found your own sweet spot. Online was also excellent. House of the Dead is looking good to me. Think I will give it a shot. ; )

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