PS3 10% Ahead of 360 This Year Worldwide, 'Strong Contender' to Take Second Place

Xbox 360 shipped nearly 14 million units over the last fiscal year for Microsoft as the business grew 45%. The console and the Kinect camera have clearly propelled Microsoft forward in 2011, but in the end, a number of analysts still see Sony's PS3 edging out Xbox 360 on a global scale (despite a year's head start for Microsoft in the console wars). IndustryGamers surveyed several leading games business analysts to get their respective takes on the evolving console battle and who will end up in second place behind Nintendo's Wii. Here's what they had to say.

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firemassacre2583d ago

Thats how sony does it baby

ksense2583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

notice how everyone keeps saying high replacement rates for the xbox 360. I feel that is one of the reasons xbox is still ahead besides the obvious year head start and year and a half in Europe.

@below Well I am just making a point about the article. I don't care if PS3 ends up third place as it has already taken first place as far as games go and games that resonate with me. The problem is that some xbox users defend their system of choice with sales and that is wrong. what shoudld matter is if the system is providing you with games that you really want and Microsoft has been lacking in that department with its focus almost entirely on Kinect. SALES DON'T MATTER unless you are a shareholder or an extreme fanboy that needs something to boast that their system is somehow superior because of it.

@superlupe I still have my 80 gb fat ps3 with backwards compatibility and I see no need to replace it with a slim console that has less features. On the other hand you have an xbox slim that has finally added wifi and is a lot less likely to RROD. so I think it would make sense to replace the fat one with the slim version so please use some common sense before spouting bullshit.

gamingdroid2583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

What you consider important is different to everyone. For some, yes it is games and for others, it is other experiences like online community, maybe Blu-Ray and so on.

For some, I suppose it is sales. I find it interesting, but that factor doesn't shape in to my purchase (unless it is really bad and affects third party support or experience).

My point was that games alone isn't necessary the only appeal for everyone clearly as the Xbox 360 is still selling like hotcakes. Early in PS3's history, it was sold largely because of being the cheapest and highest quality Blu-Ray player.

Also, if all MS is selling are replacement, then it doesn't explain the strong software sales. As mentioned in the article, many of these used systems end up as second or third hand purchases.

Finally, the article is actually an estimate by an analyst that concedes he has been wrong multiple times in the past. It's not the actual numbers.

squallheart2583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

I agree. @ksense me and my siblings all still have our ps3 fats and love them. I will only buy a slim when theres a price cut so i can use it for rpgs or games that i would play longer sessions seeing how they handle heat better. People need to use common sense. Most of the people i know are on their 4th 360 and ask why not buy a ps3 their anwer they prefer to own one bt cant afford it. Which then leads me to believe if thers a price cut theyll all jump ship.

darthv722582d ago

there is obviously something of interest on all 3 platforms that continue to garner the $$$ from consumers.

Pick your side if you will but dont deny that consumers are not fans like we are. They buy what they want and enjoy it without the 2nd guessing of others telling them they bought the wrong thing.

I work with a few people that bought their respected platforms for their reasons. Not anyone elses. I dont downplay what they do because it isnt my place. I tell them about the stuff they probably havent heard of for their platform.

Gaming is just to damn fun overall to pick a side.

blackbeld2582d ago

Xbox 360 will end on 3th place.

That is xbox fate...

EVILDEAD3602582d ago

LOL @ the 'analyst' bringing up that he through 3 Xboxes as his only support for the 'active' user base. The best part is ALL of it is speculation.

The bottomline is that Micrsoft dominates North America and Sony dominates Japan. When it comes to Europe, Micrsoft has sold commendable numbers in Europe, but it hasn't penetrated all of the countries that Sony has since the ol' PS2 days.

No matter how you many analyst bring up RROD and all the supposedly dead systems being replaced, the Xbox Live active members is now 40 Million+. Kinect did 10 million in only two quarters.

In the case of software, Micrsoft's dominant install base is exactly where it needs to be. North America and Europe dominate software sales. This is why Microsoft can sell Halo 3 and get 11 million in sales..Halo Reach and get 8 million in sales..and Gears of War and get 6 million a pop. All on the strength of America and Europe.

It's the exact same for PS3. Call of duty dominates PS3 sales (as it does the 360), with almost no sales from Japan. But, where it hurts Sony IMO is the fact that the biggest non-Japanese Sony exclusive franchise like Uncharted, Killzone, Little Big Planet, etc. get little interest from the Japanese user base. The majority won't even sell 200,000 in Japan. Where the Euro/NA market push millions.

So in the end, all 3 consoles found different ways to achieve success. At this point in the game the 360 sales have no effect on the PS3 and vice versa. None of em' are going to stop the Wii from ultimately reaching 100 Million install.

For the record all my 360s from original first year to my Elite to my Slim all work just fine. My PS3 slim and my Wii have never had problems as well. (knock on wood)

Support whatever system you own..there are just too many great games to be mad about whose going to win this fake war at this point.


kreate2582d ago


confirming .. 'all' ur 360s from the 'original first year' to ur elite. to ur slim all work fine?

how many original first year xbox360s do u hav? to ur elite. to ur slim?
and ur saying none of them broke down?

nix2582d ago

i now have faith in humanity.

EVILDEAD3602582d ago (Edited 2582d ago )

'how many original first year xbox360s do u hav? to ur elite. to ur slim?
and ur saying none of them broke down?'

That's exactly what I'm saying..don't believe the hype that EVERY Xbox must die just because a fake poll and a bunch a fan kids said so.

I bought my original first year Xbox and have since bought two white ones as gifts. I bought my black Elite as an upgrade and absolutely loved it. But, bought a Slim not too after it dropped and never looked back.

When PS3 unvieled the Slim I simply couldn't resist. Absolutely love it. I never liked the fat models, but only was going to buy one to be BC with Shadow of the Collosus. Fast forward and SOTC is coming in HD! (Life is good).

I own every console..just like every gen. But hands down this was the best console gen ever.


DualConsoleOwner2582d ago

"That's exactly what I'm saying..don't believe the hype that EVERY Xbox must die just because a fake poll and a bunch a fan kids said so. "

Are you kidding me? RROD was a freaking epidemic. Former Xbox 360 designers came out and even said so.

Polls were done by reputable magazines and what not all said that failure rate was as high as 50 percent. Hell even the law makers in UK forced MS to extend their warranty to cover RROD.

thats how bad it was. LoL. only fankids like you are trying to defend 360 with bs.

bunfighterii2582d ago

Feel like its one of the reasons? It clearly is one of the reasons, thats what they're all saying.

mikeslemonade2582d ago

Haha Wii doesn't count so PS3 will be #1! PSN down and PS3 still is outselling 360 this year!

AngryTypingGuy2582d ago

Both Sony and MS work incredibly hard, so they deserve any success that they get. Even you Sony fanboys have to admit...MS has done one hell of a job staking its claim in the videogame market. After PS2 dominated by such a large margin, no one expected the 360 to still be in the lead in summer 2011.

It'll probably stay in the lead through the beginning of 2012. The reason I'm predicting that is because there is both a Halo and Gears game coming out in fall. While Halo Anniversary is a remake and won't do the numbers of a "real" Halo, it will do well.

The fact that Xbox Live will be built into future versions of Windows is a brilliant move on MS's part. I'm wondering why they didn't do that sooner.

Oh yeah...before you PS3 fanboys accuse me of being a 360 fanboy, let me just say that I've been playing my PS3 almost exclusively since I bought it a few months ago. Which reminds me...gotta get back to God of War!

RedDragan2582d ago (Edited 2582d ago )

I just wanna say that due to the fact that my balanced and logical comments have cost me 3 bubbles and despite how much I want to comment I cannot risk posting an opinion... [see attached picture]

Fel082582d ago


Last time I checked, the Wii was a gaming console. Whether u like it or not, it is still #1.

2582d ago
miDnIghtEr2582d ago

@ksense... lmao.. sales don't matter to you, yet you just wrote a big old 3 paragraph response to a sales article. Ha.

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SuperLupe2583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

I hope you guys stick to the "sales dont matter" attitude every time theres article about good 360 sales.

@KSENSE: 1. Bullsh!t.
2. I havent seen a fat ps3 in freaking years like a lot of other people unless its on a used console shelf... I guess a lot of PS3 sales are fat PS3 owners buying the slim...right ?

Whats your spin on that ?

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L2583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

Even if there was good news about 360 sales, sales still wouldn't matter. The only one worrying about what Sony fans think is you.

What matters the most are games either way. This must be your way of spewing damage control.

SlyFoxC2582d ago

im still rockin the fat PS3...whats up!

HannibalBarca2582d ago

My fat ps3 is still running strong

Ser2582d ago

I've still got my fat PS3.

Have at you.

morganfell2582d ago

Still got my 60GB Launch Fat. Just went from a 320GB to a 1TB drive. And two Slims in the house.

Electroshocked2582d ago

I still have my first 160 GB fat PS3, my friend uses it when he comes over, I bought a 250 GB slim a while back and I now use that, but the point is that I still have my 160 GB fat PS3, it's running perfectly and it's still being used. My friend also still has his 80 GB fat PS3. I'd like to see you giving proof of someone still having there first XBOX 360.

donniebaseball2582d ago

I still have my original "fat" PS3 too. Swapped out the 60GB HDD for a 250GB a couple years ago.

lil Titan2582d ago

with a name superlupe i expect to read intelligence but all i read is ignorance at least with this post...*checks other post* nope ignorance

kreate2582d ago

my original fat 60gb ps3 broke last year with the blinking red lights.

but .. i also went through 3 broken xbox 360s at the same time frame.
rrod. disk tray broken. the console not reading games.

were the problems i had.

InspectorG2582d ago

I still got my 60gb launch PS3, has never failed. Installed a 320gb drive in it, and it sings beautifully...

Treyb3yond2582d ago

I still got my 60gig original fat console. That bbw is still going strong and serves me well. 360 is a dead console dude, I never use mine because it has no exclusives. Face it, ms have done it again....onto the next gen. They will drop 360 cold just like the original xbox when the new one arrives.

Tonys Creed2582d ago

I still have my 80GB (now 320GB) fat PS3 (MGS4 bundle) and got it repair once for YLOD. Works like a new!!

DaTruth2582d ago (Edited 2582d ago )

My 60 gig is dead, but everyone else I know with a Fat still has theirs! I can't complain, I was on parental leave for 8 months and really put it through the works. It died one week later!

Don't worry though, if MS want to post big numbers they can just give away more 360's with PC's... and cars... and toilets....

2582d ago
callahan092582d ago

Anecdote: I have been a PS3 owner since 2007, I have owned exactly 1 PS3. I have been a 360 owner since 2006, and I've bought 3 of them. My personal experience is that the 360 wasn't reliable enough until the new slim version came out last year. PS3 has been much more of a high-quality piece of hardware since the start, though now those new sweet 360's give it a good run for quality and reliability I think.

bebojet2582d ago

I still have my 80 GB PS3 and I recently upgrade the HDD to a 320GB. How's your fat 360?

hiredhelp2582d ago


@KSENSE: 1. Bullsh!t.
2. I havent seen a fat ps3 in freaking years like a lot of other people unless its on a used console shelf... I guess a lot of PS3 sales are fat PS3 owners buying the slim...right ?
----------------------------- -----------
WAKE UP CALL there are gamers still use phats. If you pay close attention to specially videos that show devs working on playstation alot of them in background what so you see running. PHATS, why because they look better more vents , apart from added extras. If they could put reduced chip's in the phat we bring them bavk out id buy one. I have gon threw 3 PHATS
YLOD replaced with sony that second hand had fault sent back got another after a year i sold that on to get a slim. I MISS MY OLD PS3.

SkyGamer2582d ago (Edited 2582d ago )

How is it that everyone thinks MS will abandon the X360? You are so ill-informed. They used off the shelf parts for the original xbox and had no control over production. nVidia, (which powers the ps3 btw), no longer made the video card in the xbox and it would have costed a buttload of money. MS OWNS the chipset and graphics inside the X360. They can find another maker for the chips. That is why nVidia and ATI FOUGHT for the X360 contract. ATI eventually won because MS wanted to OWN the designs so they wouldn't have to have a repeat like the first Xbox. nVidia went to power the ps3. nVidia owns the 7800gtx. Just think if they discontinue that graphics...You think sony would still continue the ps3 if it didn't have an uber install base? No, they would cut their losses and make a new system, hopefully learning from their past mistakes.

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Jamzluminati2583d ago

I thought PS3 was already in second as of 3 months ago?

-We are watching

donniebaseball2583d ago

That was some report that looked strictly at "active" in use PS3s vs 360s. It wasn't a literal figure for installed base.

Anon19742582d ago ShowReplies(4)
TheXgamerLive2582d ago

I love how some idiot takes speculation as post this as fact in the title. loserrrrrr.

gapecanpie2582d ago

People have been saying this for years now and it still haven't happen ..... (Yawn) can we get some real news please?

kikizoo2582d ago (Edited 2582d ago )

Hmm ? in your fantasy land probably, but it's real, each year since 2007, in reality.

by the way, [email protected] fanboys always jumping on selling articles, the only thing they can play (forgetting that selling with powerfull marketing, it's just sad for them....exclusives, functionalities, free online, 3D, best hardware and motion controler, etc are way better for real gamers)

gapecanpie2582d ago (Edited 2582d ago )

@ kikizoo

Last I check MS is still second and where is your data for this year to back up what your trying to say or you just talking out your a**?

Your fantasy land more like it...

SkyGamer2582d ago

at kiki...whatever. Best hardware, let's check..
blu-ray - more storage less speed... - subjective
cell - single core cpu with limited cache - outdated
256 mb ram - outdated
7800gtx w/256 Vram - outdated
wireless-g - outdated
2 usb 2.0 ports - outdated
still listing games for 480i on back of game - outdated

Really trying to grasp your idea on best hardware because it is really difficult to do
Just because a game company says it's the shiz, doesn't mean it is fact. That goes for all companies, looking at you MS when you stated that there would be no reason for IE to go above 6, lol.

subtenko2582d ago

I feel like Im the only one who doesnt ignore the fact that the xbox360:

1) had a high failure rate, in which people bought multiple consoles

2) release a year ahead

3) Had more sales because of the dropped support of xbox (unlike sony who still supports ps2)

I mean I dont care about the sales..sales are sales, so what? I just care about the content and quality and thats what matters mostly. Knowing that the ps2 is still supported, I can rest assure Sony will continue to cater to the ps3 for a long time too, and Im glad :)

Agree or Disagree if you Agree

SkyGamer2582d ago

Yes but look at this way. How many early adopters of ps3 just used it as blu-ray? Goes both ways.

zeddy2582d ago

most people buy ps3's for bluray and thats evident in the software sales. mostly everyone who buys a 360 is getting it primarily for gaming. it is annoying when the 360 and ps3 are almost equal in sales yet uncharted only sells just over 3 million. doubt sony mind though atleast they're shifting units.

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xPhearR3dx2583d ago

We heard this last year, the year before that, and the year before that. Give it a rest already, if it happens it happens. If it does, then write about it.

2583d ago
LaChance2583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

Did anyone read the article ? Their figures are based on "surveys".

Crap figures for a crap article.

paintsville2582d ago

It's the classic sony defense. but lets forget that ps fans aren't worried about sales, right? Well that is until an article like this shows up. Entire thing based on the moderators even read these articles before they approve them? Classic programming..garbage in equals garbage out. I'm only interested in the facts. The way it is now 360 has a much larger world wide installed base and would be even larger if Japan wasn't so opposed to buying imports in general.

DigitalRaptor2582d ago

It's cool that's you're interested in facts and all, but why do you pretend that 360 fans don't do the same things that PS3 guys do. Maybe there are more PS3 supporters on this site, but the whole web is packed with equally biased views from both sides.

And in answer to your point that the 360 has a much larger installed base... much larger? How do you define "much"? ~4 million is a large number but in terms of units sold/shipped/whatever, in business is next to nothing, especially when you compare that the gap was ~8-10 million units when the PS3 launched.

So on that factual basis, the PS3 has been selling faster and better each year than the 360 has and software sales (multiplatform) are no longer much higher on the 360 like they were a few years ago.

You deal in facts, so explain to me how none of that is relevant?

Anyway, I know you probably get sick of seeing these articles, but it's the fault of the media who spread this bull when it suits their agendas. In fact so much of the hate has been spread by media sources and flamebaiting authors.

TyrionL2582d ago

@ Digital
"why do you pretend that 360 fans don't do the same things that PS3 guys do".
Can you show me where he said anything like that anywhere in his comment? I didn’t see where he said anything close to, “Xbots don’t do this”.

I always see you getting so defensive when people call out the Sony fanboys, but I think you imagine a lot of it. He just made a comment about this article, and you swoop in like Captain SDF, and start putting words in his mouth. To be honest it’s unnecessary.
I also want to point out that Sony catching up with MS at the tail end of this generation is not anything to brag about... Unless you’re a Xbox fanboy. Sony has been dethroned after 2 gens of complete domination, anyone that argues that is lying to themselves. If anyone is the king now it’s Nintendo. I guarantee that if anyone was told that the big 3 would be in this position before this gen started, they would have been laughed out of the room.
You are right about this site though, it is over run by the Sony side. This is the site we’re on so there is no reason to bring up other sites. I hate it when people do that.
Guy A : “This is N4PS3G.”
Guy B: “You should have been here 5 years ago, it was a 360 troll heaven”
Guy A: “Why do you PS3 people act like this?”
Guy B: “ Because Ya’ll started it”.
I hate when people blame their actions on someone else.
So because some fanboy douche bag acted like a douche 5 years ago you are going to act that way now? You hated this guy when he did it, yet it doesn’t bother you to act that way.
F%^ing hypocrites.
Oh, and by the way, to me 4 million is a hell of a lot when you consider the giant Sony was. They went from undisputed heavyweight champ, to equal in one gen. No matter which way you flip it, that’s is a huge win for MS, and I don’t mean that like Sony is doing bad. They are both kicking ass, and that can only be good for us as gamers. I bet we would all have hated it if MS would have failed and Sony would have keep the same attitude they had at the start of this gen.

2583d ago
zerocrossing2583d ago

Maybe not in the US, but it has been for along time in the rest of the world :)

SuperLupe2583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

Yeah but EU + Japan =/= World. Kind of funny I have to tell that to a Sony fan, how ironic.

@below: sorry dude that sucked. The world = The world NOT EU + Japan only. And USA + EU + Japan (+ any other country) = World = 260 STILL ahed of PS3.

Spin it all you want it wont change anything, I promise :)

spektical2583d ago

yea but SONY outselling 360 comfortably outside the US... kinda funny i have to tell that to a 360 fan, how ironic.

zerocrossing2583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

@Lupe I don't get your point EU + Japan have a higher majority of Sony fans in total when compared to MS, Americans are bigger fans of Xbox that's a given considering the company is American and aims to appeal to Americans and that's fine, But if your talking world wide popularity PS3 wins its nothing to cry about and it takes nothing from the 360 fans, Other than those who need to believe the 360 is some kind of almighty god console that wont be out done till xbox 720.

Im not a fanboy I just tell it as it is.

BlackSharinganX2582d ago (Edited 2582d ago )

@Super lupe = super retard? dude he said the rest of the world excluding the US how can you not get that simple sentence lol.

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M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L2583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

Lupe, no amount of spinning will change the fact that the PS3 is gaining on the 360. :)

That goes for anyone else making excuses for Microsoft. They had a lead start and yet they can't overtake the Wii *or* beat the PS3 once and for all.


EDIT?: Just keep spinning, just keep spinning...spin, spin, spin. :)
Are you seriously deluding yourself into believe the PS3 can't overtake the 360? The 360 had a headstart and YET the PS3 sold over 50 million consoles? They can't even overtake the Wii!

Wow. Spin some more.

SuperLupe2583d ago

Yeah dude whatever.

Almost 6 years in and the PS3 is uncapable of overtaking the 360 though Sony sold 220 million consoles in the past as undisputed champion compared to MS's 25 million xbox's and MS is the one who has to make excuses ?

What delusional world do you live in ?

Anyway, I know I just wasted my last bubble responding to such a dump post but hey no biggie lol.

negative2583d ago

Nothin for nothin... but SuperLupe is right. 6 years in and Sony is still playing catch up.


maniacmayhem2583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

Wow, who is being delusional and spinning? because i think you're spinning out of control. I don't care about sales but i do find it funny that the sony brigade year in and year out always praise and chant that the ps3 is catching up to the 360.

It has been 6 years and we still get these articles. And by your logic the ps3 hasn't beat the Wii also, with all its blu-ray, the cell, and excluuuusives. So i wouldnt even go there.

Biggest2582d ago

But it HAS beat the Wii. BluRay and HD streaming beat DVD and SD streaming. The Cell beats whatever the Wii has (Is it the Mega Drive? I forget). I'm pretty sure there are zero people alive that would disagree that the PS3 beats the Wii in all but one subjective category.

MrDead2582d ago

@SuperLupe and blueshirt7749 how can somthing have been playing catch up for six years when its only been on sale for 4.5 years?

DigitalRaptor2582d ago (Edited 2582d ago )

Did the PS1 & PS2 sell 100+ million in a day? A year? NO!!!!

PS3 is on track to do the same (or similar) numbers and it hasn't even dropped to $199. Starhawk isn't even out, Uncharted 3 isn't. Resistance 3 isn't. And Versus XIII isn't (will be huge in Japan).

So you think that a console that has already sold 50+ million in 5 years won't have sold close to 100 million in another 5 years? Given Sony's track record?

No-one is saying that the 360 hasn't sold HUGE numbers. They are saying that when all is considered, Sony are not that far behind, and looking at how they chopped the lead down by over 5 million since launch, by the time another 5 years has passed, is it so hard to believe that they will no longer hold that lead?

Some will say that by that time is would be too late, but then what the heck is point in counting numbers in the first place if any sort of lead doesn't count?

Just think about what you're saying.

rob-E2582d ago

@ SuperLupe

Almost 6 years? Really? I could have sworn the PS3 was released in November of 2006. That would make it less than 5 years in, certainly not "almost 6 years".

Snakefist302582d ago (Edited 2582d ago )

@SuperLupe Next Gen it will be Microsoft who will be playing catch up.Maybe they will end at 3rd next gen!

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hiredhelp2582d ago

Units. Lol that a lame joke?

Passing of 360 for the past couple years is right. For get the units the EXCLUSIVES
Some ppl need to engaged there brain think what they buy there systems for.

Plus not everybody needs to rebuy a new system every year. Maybe just maybe reason why sony hasn been in leed isnt cos not selling but there consoles havent played up half as much. So why need to pay for one unless for another reason.

See way i see it ms finally got off there [email protected] and actually acknowledged there was a fault. But took them 2 years to do something solid about it. That was the elite.
Then when ps3 launched ppl didnt get breakdowns till at least about 2 year into it for some that is. That was from everyday use. Unlike my old white 360's 6 consoles but cos no ps3 we bought another console 360.

At least when the phats did get ylod. They didnt blame consumer or try defend it. They went back did a redesign.