Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 - See Ghost Rider in action

Capcom announced Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 over the weekend at the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con. Attendees of the convention were treated to exclusive videos of four of the game's new characters.

Now, Capcom and Game Guys are letting you in on the action. Check out the video above to see the motorcycle-riding Ghost Rider in action.

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NewMonday2521d ago

i swear, before watching the clip i predicted one of his moves would be running the enemy over with the bike, and another will involve the penance stare.

right on the money.

FACTUAL evidence2521d ago

Ok, Im done with Capcom. How more ultimate can a game like MVC could be?!? It's already a speedy ass game. If this is CC excuse for dlc then I'm pissed....I shouldn't have bought MVC3 if I knew this was going to happen....I don't have money to blow like this.

Ares842521d ago

I might get this used on the cheap when Ultimate Hyper-Super Marvel vs Capcom 3 Alpha Arcade vs Remixed edition comes out.

lizard812882521d ago

I thought Ghost Rider could only ride a motorcycle....


showtimefolks2521d ago

FPS makers charge too much for a dlc, what we never hear is how fighting games can charge 4-5 dollars per character and people are fine with that

Capcom has become the king for this releasing so many different editions of SF and now same thing with MVC along with many characters DLC

and lets not forget how little content was on disk at launch with MVC compare to SF4 and MK

Urrakia342521d ago

I think it's because a DLC character in a fighting game has alot of depth to them because you need to take your time to figure out their strengths, weaknesses, move list, combos, etc. I think that adds alot to the game overall and so I believe it warrants a $5 price tag.

lodossrage2521d ago

I have to agree with showtimefolks on this.

First off, the idea of DLC is a rip off in itself in the first place. But $5 for a single character of a game is ridiculous. You're not even guaranteed to LIKE using the character you buy in the first place.

Baka-akaB2521d ago

how are you not guaranteed to like it ?
Whenever a dlc char for a game got out , there movelists was already listed , some of their combo analyzed , and they feats extensively videotaped , before you could even get an hand on them .

UltimateIdiot9112521d ago

I dislike the whole $4-$5 per character as much as $15 for 2-4 maps.

I didn't buy Yoda for SC4 and I got SC4 for $10 dirt cheap a few months after release.

I also didn't buy MvC3 for the lack of characters and possibility of a better edition. I however did choose to preorder Ultimate MvC3 as I have a promotional credit I need to use before it expires. Also, I figure I can sell the alternative costume pack to cover my cost even more. If they choose to release another edition, I will sell the game and buy the upgrade edition.

showtimefolks2521d ago

adding 5 new maps in my opinion adds a lot more than a $5 character that you will be done with within half an hour

the whole idea of DLC in general needs an overhaul

look at fallout games when they release we know we will get 4-5 dlc packs

the only right dlc i have seen are KZ3 for like $10 you can get like 6-8 maps if i am not wrong

and the way RS did LC for gta 4 than RDR had awesome dlc

it can be done right but most companies just want the quick buck

Baka-akaB2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

except there is no way you'll be done with the character like you claims , that is if you're really into the game .

A character is easily hundreds of hours of gameplay to figure out , or learn to fight against , and double if you do both .

I dont like the idea of dlc character , for many other reason mind you . I just cant agree with the idea of maps being better

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L2521d ago

Ghost Rider looks awesome but I can't help but feel he reminds me of Simon Belmont with that belt.

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