How This Would Work As a Game: Mortal Kombat vs Horror Icons

iGG: Mortal Kombat is a famed, controversial title that focuses heavily on gory finishers and brutal fighting. Horror movies, namely slasher films, focus on some bloody murders from crazed serial killers. Put two and two together, and this could equal one sick and twisted fighting game. NetherRealm already seems to have transitioned Freddy Kreuger perfectly into a fighting game, so why not bring a few others. Face it. Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe failed, because it had to be greatly toned down. Instead of taking the Capcom approach and pitting them against comic characters, perhaps fit them somewhere where they fit more – a gore fest. Check out this concept for a video game pitting kharacters from Mortal Kombat and famed horror movies.

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ivanjp18822547d ago

1st n only probly, lol. i love d idea of mk vs horror icons.

darthv722547d ago

a couple months back. only it wasnt mortal kombat involved. It was a fighter based on the various horror icons like chuckie, jason, freddie and some of the not so obvious ones. It (the clown), candy man....the list is long enough to be its own game.

Thing is, licensing. All of those different characters are bound by different licenses. It would take lots of $$$ and commitment on behalf of the different studios that own the rights, to let that happen.

Yet to see the leprechaun take on chuckie or leatherface would be sweet.

darthv722546d ago

man that is sad that they had to remove jason and freddie from their game. I said. Licensing is an issue and this terrordrome looks like it would be very cool to play.

Think I will try the latest demo. Sure would have liked to try it before it got "corporate" pressure to remove certain figures.

Thanks for the info. Have a bubble on me.

Magnus2547d ago

I would buy the DLC if they added Jason Vorhees, Rob Zombies Michel Myers, the freaks from the Hills have Eyes. Hell add Jeepers Creepers, or even Pinhead and I'll play it

alexi_6662547d ago

I still don't understand why this is such a big issue.

Bathyj2547d ago

What? No Bruce Cambell?

And Tom Savini as Sex Machine should be a bonus charactor.

justtdoitt902547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

The concept of horror icons fighting was already created long ago.
look up 'terrordrome'.

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