Sony Executive On PS Vita's Battery Life And PSN Store Redesign Rumors

GB: "We are back again! This time with information on the rumors surrounding the PlayStation Network and to ease off the biggest concern of PS Vita fans: The battery life."

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MasterCornholio2580d ago

He just confirmed that its better than the PSP. Which means its over 6 hours which is great. If they can get 8 hours out of it i would be extremely happy.

Kurisu2580d ago

I'll test out the battery life myself my having a full on gaming sesh with Uncharted: Golden Abyss! I will keep the power supply close, just incase :p

ThePhuq2580d ago

Ugh, Battery life... Another reason to hate handhelds.

CaptCalvin2580d ago

Home consoles get zero battery life.

r212580d ago

with the exception of controllers of course, energy drainers they are, i tells ya :L

asyouburn2580d ago

So do you hate your cellphone, too?

nyobzoo2580d ago

as long as it's not worst than the PSP, I'm fine with it

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