Ten of Gaming's Greatest Ice Levels

"Well the dog days of summer are here and no matter where you may be reading this it’s probably pretty darn warm. To try and combat the threat of an overbearing sun we’ve compiled a list of the best icy levels in video games. By the time you’ve finished reading this you should have it in your head that you need to start a fire and throw on a parka. Nothing cools you down like images of frosty icicles and arctic breezes. So why not chill out and read the cool entries on this list. I have NO shame."

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AronDeppert2407d ago

As a general rule I hate ice levels.

Just sayin. Great article though.

Moduserous2407d ago

I can't stand all the slipping and sliding.

Sidology2407d ago

You'll never make it in the porn industry with that attitude.

Sidology2407d ago

Consequently, you could take all of these games and write *another* piece about all the great fire levels they have, too.

2407d ago
Fanbot2407d ago

mgs4 shadow moses chapter

2407d ago
pain777pas2407d ago

I submit UC2 Ice Mountain, ice Mountain puzzle and ice mountain escape and jumping from truck to truck in the snow.

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The story is too old to be commented.